Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cyguggothic Emanations

Cyguggoths were a servitor race of the Old Ones. They were large shapechangers that shifted form constantly, forming tentacles, pseudopods, orofices, eyes etc., They were monstrous beings, usually unleashed by their masters to commit large-scale destruction.

In the distant past, a new form of weapon was created that used pieces of Cyguggoths, vibrated at a particular frequency. Given the nature of the Cyguggothic flesh to change shape and the vibration, a new kind of radiation was created that could spontaneously mutate any living creature. Not all creatures survived this exposure. Some could be severely burned or be killed outright by the formation of cancerous growths and tumors. Others survived, with strange new abilities or deformities.

Areas of Cyguggothic emanations are hard to detect as is is an invisible energy. Certain mutations make be able to detect such areas. A good indicator are visual clues to the surrounding environment which may be warped or twisted. Given the strangeness of the lands of Xhuul, this is still no guarantee.

Coming into contact with an area of Cyguggothic Emanations requires a Saving Throw vs WIS. This will allow one to notice the strangeness of the area and avoid the body warping effects. A Failed save causes some damage and possible gain of mutations. A successful save resists the effects. Saving Throws are made once each 10 minutes of exposure.

Cyguggothic Emanation Random Intensity Table
1d100   INT   Effect
01-25    1    1d6 damage
26-41    2    2d6 damage
42-55    3    3d6 damage
56-69    4    3d6 damage and 20% chance for Mutation
               (50% Physical/50% Mental)
70-84    5    3d6 damage and 30% chance for Mutation
               (50% Physical/50% Mental)
85-90    6    4d6 damage and 40% chance for Mutation
               (60% Physical/40% Mental)
91-94    7    5d6 damage and 50% chance for Mutation
               (60% Physical/40% Mental)
95-96    8    6d6 damage and 60% chance for Mutation
               (70% Physical/30% Mental)
97-98    9    7d6 damage and 70% chance for Mutation
               (80% Physical/20% Mental)
99-00   10    8d6 damage and 80% chance for Mutation
               (90% Physical/10% Mental)

Note: I wanted a different spin on radiation. Instead of nuclear radiation being the cause of mutation, I wanted it to be something with a Lovecraftian flavor. Another inspiration source similar to this would be Warhammer Fantasy's Chaos taint/gifts.

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