Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sorcery in Xhuul

Wizard (Sorcerer) characters start out knowing a few spells in their spellbooks as per Castles & Crusades rulebook pg.23. Sorcerers start with a number of Power Points equal to their INT score. These power points allow them to cast their spells. Each level of experience adds 1d4 Power Points. 0 level spells (cantrips)can be cast anytime, and do not cost Power Points. Generally, the cost of casting a spell is the number of power points equal to the spell level. The effects of the spell are limited by the Sorcerer's level.

Some spells will have alternate names for better flavor to fit the setting.

Sorcerors & Sorcery in Xhuul

Sorcery had survived the cataclysm that befell Xhuul. Those few cultists that did not die during the great war passed on the knowledge to their descendants or wrote it down in foul tomes. Much of this knowledge has been lost as some descendants who were taught the spells fell victim to the harsh Xhuulian wilderness, or the books themselves misplaced or hidden, then subsequently forgotten. Given that sorcery was taught by the alien gods and their servitors, it came at a high price to the sorceror's mind and body.

The act of casting spells can sometimes make changes to a Sorceror. Any spell cast by the sorceror has a 5% chance (1 in 20) of causing an Affliction. A roll is made on the Afflictions Table. Unless specifically noted on the table entry, the afflictions last 1d10 x10 hours.

Afflictions over time can greatly debilitate even the most powerful sorcerors. This is why many seek to find ways of ridding themselves of their afflictions. The common method of this is to transfer these afflictions, even temporary ones to others. The 4th level spell Shiggoboth's Spell of Transferance is commonly used by sorcerors for this purpose. However that spell comes at a cost of 1d4 CON.

Afflictions Table
1d100   Effect
01-35   Nothing happens.
36-37   Eyes change into that of a beast's
38-39   Tentacle-like growths appear around mouth
40-41   Grows large pointed ears
42-43   Teeth become fanged
44-45   Eyes glow green
46-47   Hunched-back
48-49   Scaly skin like a reptile or snake
50-51   Skin becomes slimey
52-53   Lose all hair
54-55   Large, oddly-shaped head
56-57   Hermaphrodite
58-59   Body covered in short fur
60-61   Albinoism
62-63   1d4 extra eyes appear randomly on body
64-65   1d4 extra mouths appear randomly on body
66-67   Eyes become large and bulging
68-69   Tongue becomes forked like a snake's
70-71   Gives off a fishy odor
72-73   Hair replaced by long fleshy tentacles
74-75   Eyes become multi-faceted, like an insect's
76-77   Odd skin color (blue, green, yellow, red)
78-79   Ages 1d10 years
80-82   Has delusions or hallucinations (GM determines what it is)
83-84   Paranoia
85-86   Unusual Allergy (metal, water, silver, wood etc.,) causes skin to burn on contact
87-88   Strange sexual desires (exhibitionism, necrophilia, teratophilia, nymphomania)
89-90   Uncontrollable tremors/shakes.
91-92   Phobia
93-94   1d4 bony growths appear randomly on body
95-96   Legs fuse into worm-like lower body
97-98   Grow 1d10 extra digits on hands or feet.
99-00   Mute

Casting Spells and Power Points

The sorceror has a limited pool of energy in which to cast spells, as these are taxing to the mind and body. The character's starting Power points at 1st level is equal to their INT score. If a Sorceror uses all their Power Points, he/she is exhausted and cannot perform any activity besides rest. They can move at 1/2 speed, but cannot make any other kinds of attacks or actions. Power Points are regained at a rate of 1pt per hour of rest. Most sorcerors prefer to drain power from magic items that can store Power Points within them, instead of using their own personal Power Points. Some sorcerors prefer to drain power from their minions or enemies to fuel their spells.

Gaining More Spells

Gaining new spellsa re as per rules in the Castles & Crusades Player's Handbook.


  1. Love this entry! I use something really similar to your Affliction, but if a low level Sorcerer cast a high level spell, the probability that something goes wrong is higher and the drawback is worse. You can find it here:
    and there:
    Use Google Translator (it's all in italian).
    Anyway, the spell list is awesome!

  2. I really like the added flavour of your spells. I think things like this can go a long way toward making a good campaign a truly great campaign.

    Any time my players have found scrolls or books of spells out in the game world, they've rarely been verbatim from the source material. Wizard players have always enjoyed this, and often learn multiple versions of spells which have the same game effect, just so they can vary the realisation depending on circumstances.

  3. This is really cool. I like the afflictions!

    I also have been using spells in Gamma World, using MS as a temporarily spendable pool of spell points that regenerates over time. Of course, the more MS you spend, the more susceptible you are to mental attack. If players want to cast more powerful spells they must find some external means of boosting their MS with various devices, drugs, etc. (I don't use levels in my GW games.)

    If you're curious I posted my simple Gamma Wizard rules here: Gamma World Spellcasting