Wednesday, October 20, 2010

15 Games in 15 Minutes

So I noticed this little "meme" has been going around the blogoverse, so I decided to post my own 15 games. I tried to focus on the ones I had the most experience with and had the most influence on me in the past and currently. They are:

1) D&D (all versions)
2) Champions
3) Gamma World
4) Call of Cthulhu
5) City of Heroes
6) Neverwinter Nights
7) Pool of Radiance
8) Traveller
9) Stormbringer
10) Palladium Fantasy Roleplaying
11) The Mechanoid Invasion
12) Heroes Unlimited
13) The Fantasy Trip
14) Starfleet Battles
15) Mythos

I'm as much a computer gamer as I am a gamer of traditional pen-and-paper RPGs.

And if it was a "16 games in 15 minutes", I would add "Awful Green Things from Outer Space".

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