Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weird Alien Vajay-jay

This is probably NSFW, so use caution when checking out the link below. I am constantly amazed of the unbridled content of the Interwebz. Its like the "box of chocolates" line from Forrest Gump, you never know what you are going to get or find. For Better or Worse.

While doing a Google search for "Spider Aliens" images, I find this and I should say, it doesn't suprise me. I'm sure there is probably a market for this stuff. I mean c'mon, if Captain Kirk could bang all those alien women, it must be okay. Right?

So, I'm sure its only a matter of time before the red model "Dejah Thoris" Fleshlight becomes a reality. Probably after the John Carter Warlord of Mars movie is released. But I'm suprised there isn't a green model "Orion Slave Woman" Fleshlight already. Star Trek has been around for a long time in TV syndication...


  1. Try searching google images for an avatar for your female dwarf character.


  2. Well, after searching in vain for a picture I liked, I just went ahead and did my own sketch of what the Xycil looked like. I scanned the image in Photoshop and did the coloring. It is pretty basic, but I think it came out fine for an amateur. :)