Monday, October 18, 2010

Xhuul Bestiary project

Posting has been very light lately. The reason being is that I'm currently assembling a "Mutant Manual" for the Weirdlands of Xhuul. I will compile it as a PDF and post it up as a free file when I get done with it. I could probably post the individual Xhuul Bestiary entries as blog posts, but from what I could gather from Blogger's stats on posts, those blog entries did not generate any or relatively few page views. So I will stick with the plan as a separate file for now.

I've been struggling with the presentation of the stats. One thing about 2nd Edition Gamma World mutant stat blocks that bugs me is the presentation of the 3 movement rates. The first value is Kilometers/March Turn, the second is Meters/Search Turn and the third is Meters/Action Turn. Let's face it, I hate the metric system to begin with, let alone having to calculate the various values of movement between the different types of Turns.

I think to save myself some time, I will just put a value of Meters/Action Turn because most likely when you encounter a mutant creature, it's most likely going to want to eat you and that is going to be in combat anyway.

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