Thursday, November 4, 2010

Xhuul Bestiary: Hologua

SIZE: Large
HD: 10 (d8)
MOVE: 60ft fly (hover)
AC: 13
ATTACKS: 4 Tentacles (1d10), Bite (2d8)
SPECIAL: Grab, Twilight Vision
INT: Low
TYPE: Abberation
XP: 1650 +10/hp
These creatures look like 6-meter diameter floating jelly-fish, with large pupil-less eyes, and dangling tentacles beneath. The Hologua float by way of an internal gas bag which is filled with a lighter-than-air gas. They propel themselves by drawing in air and expelling it, much like a squid does in water. The Hologua dwell in mountainous regions where they float among the updrafts. When hungry, they grab prey with their tentacles and draw it up to their fanged mouths which then try to devour their meal. Their large eyes give them good distance vision and they are able to spot prey from 2 kilometers away.
When attacking with their tentacles, if two or more hit the same target, the target must make a successful STR save or be held immobile in the Holoqua's tentacles. The the following round, and any round the victim remains held, the Hologua will draw the target up to it's fanged mouth where it will have a +4 to hit with its bite.

Note:Image used with permission by Grograou of


  1. The artist is Grograou. His blog is in my blog list

    I may have jumped the gun a little as I never got an answer if I could use his illustrations. I did write to him again. If he says "No", then I'll remove the images. The only one that is actually mine is for the Xycil. I'm not a great an artist and compared to his awesome work, it definitely shows.