Monday, December 13, 2010

Gelatinous Cube!

Over at the Warlock's Home Brew, you'll find tips to make your own Gelatinous Cube. If you are lazy and not good with tools like I am, Bliss posted a link to a person on eBay selling fake ice cubes. I did not know such a thing existed until now. This looked to be the perfect mini for the iconic dungeon cleaner.

Yes, I know that WoTC has a Gelatinous Cube mini, but the prices on the second-hand market are "recockulous" (as a friend of mine has a knack for saying), around $40.00+!! I paid $10.00 which includes shipping and I get TWO of these bad boys. They measure 2" x 2", which is the scale for a Large-sized creature in D&D 3.0 to 4E.

Behold my new Gelatinous Cube...


  1. "recockulous" for the win.

    Man, I have a 1" x 1" plastic ice cube, but's puny and lame. I'm getting me one of yours.

  2. Yep, I like my little freaky green machine, but those props look like a gel cube fetishist's dream come true. And cheap! I'm sold.

  3. I read on another blog someone making a Gelatinous Cube out of clear liquid acrylic in a mold, with the added benefit of adding a skeleton mini inside it. That would be more awesome than mine, but more work than I would want to do.

  4. You've sold me on that cube! It looks even better than I imagined. I'll be following your footsteps on this.