Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Xhuul Bestiary: U'zaug


SIZE: Large
HD: 8 (d8)
MOVE: 120ft
AC: 12
ATTACKS: 1 Slam (1d10)
SPECIAL: Spore Spray, Camouflage, Spell Reflection, Partial Lightning Immunity, Hardy, Deafness Ray, Regeneration 6, Tremorsense 60ft
INT: Low
ALIGNMENT: Chaoatic evil
TYPE: Plant
XP: 1325 + 8/hp

U'zaug is a foul creation of the strange energies unleashed during the war between the gods that ravaged Xhuul. It is a large plant creature with a mobile root system that enables it to walk with incredible speed. It has 5 long stalks that each end in a venus-fly-trap type mouth. The plant is a sickly yellow-green color.

When attacking it slams into its prey with one of its stalks, doing 1d10 bludgeoning damage. The mouths at the end of the stalk do no damage themselves and function much like a venus fly-trap, secreting a slow digestive acid that breaks down its prey and absorbs it.

SPORE SPRAY: Once per round, U'zaug can emit a spore spray that drains 1d6 CON. The spore spray fires out in in 45 degree cone with a range of 70'. There is no save vs this effect. CON will return at 1pt/hour for those who survive the encounter.

CAMOUFLAGE: When U'zaug is immobile, it changes its color to blend into the background. This allows a +2 to suprise foes.

SPELL REFLECTION: U'zaug will reflect all spells of 4th Level or lower back upon the caster.

HARDY: U'zaug gains a +4 to all Saves.

PARTIAL LIGHTNING IMMUNITY: Assuming any lightning attack that is not a 4th level or lower spell (which would be reflected back to the caster), U'zaug will take 1/2 damage from a failed save or no damage on a successful save against lightning attacks.

DEAFNESS RAY: This is a ranged touch-attack. If the target fails it's DEX save, it will be rendered deaf for 6 Turns (1 hour).

REGENERATION: U'zaug heals rapidly at 6hp/round.

TREMORSENSE: U'zaug has no eyes, it feels the presence of other creatures up to 60ft away who travel on any surface. It cannot sense flying creatures.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Xhuul Bestiary: Navoor


SIZE: Large
HD: 4 (d8)
MOVE: 50ft
AC: 13
ATTACKS: Beak 1d10, Tail Whip 1d8
SPECIAL: Immune to blunt weapon attacks, parasites
INT: Animal
TYPE: Animal
XP: 60 + 4/hp

Navoors are large creatures standing at 8ft tall. They have a bird-like head and a body covered in black feathers. Their four legs are bird-like talons. They have a long black whip-like tail.

Navoors attack with their sharp beak, doing 1d10 piercing damage. They can also make a secondary attack at either the same target or another target with their long whip-like tail for 1d8 slashing damage.

Navoors have a rubber-like bone structure which absorbs hard impacts, and as such, they do not suffer any damage from blunt weapon attacks.

Navoors have a keen sense of their opponents health and will focus their attacks on creatures with the most remaining hit points.

Any creatures killed by a Navoor will be infected by a mutagenic parasite that will transform the dead creature into another Navoor within 24 hours. Navoors act as hosts for the parasite and this is the only way more Navoors can be created.

Xhuul Bestiary: Doarg

Over the holidays I purchased the PDF version of James Raggi's The Random Esoteric Creature Generator published by Goodman Games. I rolled up a creature and made a few tweaks and so I present to you, the Doarg, a predator of the forested regions of Xhuul.


SIZE: Large
HD: 2 (d8)
MOVE: 60ft
AC: 15
ATTACKS: Bite 2d6
INT: Animal
TYPE: Animal
XP: 10 + 2/hp

The Doarg is a predator that shares characteristics of a boar and wolf. It is a large creature standing at a height of 20ft at the head. The Doarg is covered in a thick coat of green fur that helps it to blend into it's environment when hunting. The Doarg is aggressive and will attack any creature it encounters due to it's voracious hunger. In combat, it will attack the foe that does it the most damage to it earlier in the same round or in the prior round.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Hothadays!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of you.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I pre-ordered this new MMORPG from Bio-Ware last week. The game officially launches Dec. 20th, but if you pre-ordered, you got to play in the Early Access of the game which started on the 13th. I played over this week-end and the game really sucked me in. The story arcs for the different classes is really engaging. I managed to make two characters, a Smuggler and a Jedi Counselor. Very fun game.

Currently, I'm only playing in a Pathfinder game once a month, so computer games help fill the void in between game sessions.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An OSR Christmas

I've been practically burning a hole in my credit card purchasing OSR products this Christmas.

I've ordered the following the last few days, taking advantage of some special deals:
Castles & Crusades' Of Gods and Monsters book
Castles & Crusades' GM screen.
Faster Monkey Games' Lesserton & Mor PDF
LotFP's Tower of the Stargazer PDF
LotFP's Hammers of the God PDF

and today I ordered LotFP's Carcosa book+PDF.

I read through "Tower of the Stargazer" already and started on "Hammers of the God", but haven't finished it yet. If I'm lucky, I'll get Carcosa in two weeks while I'm off work during our holiday break.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Want to Believe

"What the hell is that...? Don't tell me! - Jack Burton - Big Trouble in Little China

So, a strange object appears within the wake of a coronal ejected mass from the sun hitting Mercury. You can read about it here.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Xhuul Tech: Biomedic Leech

Since there are no Clerics in the Xhuul setting, this poses a problem with access to healing for the badly wounded party. Some mutants do have the ability to heal others, but the ability isn't as common as healing magic is in a standard fantasy game.

To overcome this, one can purchase a Biomedic Leech. This is a vat-grown artificial organism that is 10" long that is kept in a protective container until needed. The Biomedic Leech is placed over a wound, where it secretes a mucus to staunch bleeding. It then analyzes the patient's blood for any diseases or toxins by taking a blood sample. It then creates an appropriate counter-agent or antibiotic and secretes that through a mucus into the wound and thereby filters the patient's system.

The Biomedic Leech can only be used to heal wounds and counter poisons and disease for a limited amount of uses. Since it does act as a filter, it can only work it's biotechnological healing before it too dies and then must be replaced. Since a Biomedic Leech is an artificial organism, it is not affected by spells that would affect living creatures.

The Biomedic Leech must be kept moist and within it's protective container, which provides a cool, moist environment when not in use. Arid, dry conditions will reduce the Leech's amount of charges as this dries out the protective mucus layer on the Leech. Exposure to intense heat or direct flame will immediately destroy it. The Biomedic Leech can come in a variety of sizes that provide more healing charges and the cost scales based on size.

Biomedic Leech
Cost: 10gp per charge
Effects: Cure Light Wounds (1 charge)
Cure Serious Wounds (2 charges)
Remove Poison (2 charges)
Cure Disease (3 charges)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Inspirational Collage for Xhuul

Using Picasa 3, I made a collage of images thematic to Xhuul and placed these on a makeshift GM Screen.

Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I knew Big Bird was good for something. Have a warm and safe Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Xoghul, City Hex-Crawl Map

I made a map of the remnants of a ancient domed city which would serve as a basis of a hex-crawl through the city itself. I haven't settled on a name for the setting, but for now I am calling it Xoghul. The full name of a campaign set here would be called 'Xoghul: Adventures Beneath the Shattered Dome'.

The map is inspired by posts from the now defunct World of Thool blog and the cover of the 1st Edition Gamma World box set. The focus of the campaign would be the exploration of the ruins, and the method to drive that exploration is a different spin on the hex-crawl. Xoghul is the name of the settled part of the ruins, under the rule by some powerful Autocrat. Xoghul lies beneath the intact portion of the dome, which shields it from some of the elements, the rest of the city is in ruins, as a result of when the dome shattered and rained debris down upon it ages ago. The original name of this ancient city is lost to time. Some sections of the city have been reclaimed by wilderness (aka Forest hexes), which cover ruins underneath.

I'm still thinking about what to place within the city, factions, NPCs, places of interest, etc., I may just make it a setting for a short-term campaign whether for C&C, using my Xhuul setting or an alternate Gamma World setting.

Based on the scale of the hexes of 880 feet, the city is roughly a 5 mile diameter area.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gamma World and D&D Monsters

Flipping through my 2nd Edition Gamma World book, its interesting how some creatures/mutants in the GW book are roughly analogs of D&D Monsters.

Arks = Gnolls
Badders = Bugbears
Hawkoids = Aarakocra
Lil = Sprites/Pixies
Orlens = Ettins
Seps = Bullete
Sleeths = Lizard Men
Squeekers = Giant Rats
Wardents = Dwarves

Admittedly, this list isn't very long, but it's pretty obvious that they have their origins in the Monster Manual(s).

The picture to the right is the Orlens, as drawn I believe by Jeff Easley in the 2nd edition GW book. They look like Native Americans, with two-heads and two sets of arms. I would re-envision them as something more twisted. Not all would look like the perfectly functional, handsome couple of Apache Chief and his Squaw as seen in this picture.

It would be something more like these inspirational images from HERE

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Video of Pathfinder Beginners Box Minis

I made two videos of Pathfinder's Beginners Box Heroes minis. The first one was because the video camera turned off while paused as I was opening the package. The second video is the close up view of the minis.

Sorry for the video shake and narrative. I'm not a professional filmaker. :) I wanted to do something a little different this time around. Fortunately, the software for my camera made it easy for me to upload the video direct to YouTube.

So here are the vids:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Arrived! Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes minis

I received my Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes minis this past Monday at my work. The minis look great, but I have forgotten to bring them home. I will take some pics of them with my digital camera and post them up here.

Speaking of Pathfinder, we had our third session of a homebrew PF campaign at this past weekend's Hobby Day in Anaheim. This session saw us successfully clearing out a goblin warren. We found a defiled dwarven temple within dedicated to the god Torag and successfully restored it. Our cleric (a dwarf and a follower of Torag) was quite pleased and found several items (masterwork arms and armor) hidden in the altar and claimed them. We found alot of treasure, enough for about 1000gp per party member and several magic items. It was quite a haul and we have uncovered a map with several locations marked that will set us along towards our next quest.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Burrowers

Sorry for the extreme lack of posts recently, I've been busy with projects around the household and the utter shear lack of anything to write about. Until now.

The other night I watched a direct-to-DVD movie entitled 'The Burrowers'.

Basically its a western with monsters. The movie kind of drags throughout, but starts to pick up more than mid-way. The only notable actor in it is Clancy Brown. I won't spoil the movie for you, in case any of you want to watch it., I thought I would write up monster stats for The Burrower creatures, which look like a cross between a human and a cricket.


SIZE: Small
HD: 2 (d8)
MOVE: 20ft, burrowing 30 ft.
AC: 14
ATTACKS: Bite (1d4), 2 claws (1d6)
SPECIAL: Poison(paralytic), Tracking scent, Can only die when exposed to sunlight.
INT: Animal
TYPE: Beast
XP: 110 +2/hp

The Burrowers are nocturnal creatures that emerge from the earth to hunt prey. They attack as a group to subdue their prey. They do not try to kill their prey outright, seeking instead to paralyze them and then burying their prey until it rots and then returning later to feed.

If they manage to do damage with a claw attack, they will try to follow up with venomous discharge from their mouth into the claw wound which will paralyze their prey and cauterize the wound. Once immobilized, the Burrowers drag their prey away, dig a shallow hole and bury their food for later consumption. The venom begins a slow rotting process that leaves the victim alive until the burrowers return to consume the victim.

If the prey manages to escape without being paralyzed by the venom, the slow rotting effect begins (treat as a disease) which allows the Burrowers to track thier quarry for later capture.

The Burrowers can be harmed by any kind of attack. They do feel pain and can be driven off, but they cannot be killed. They will always effectively have 1 HP, unless directly exposed to sunlight which will kill them immediately.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Thing

No, not Ben Grimm.

But this, a prequel to John Carpenter's The Thing. How does this stuff sneak up on me?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Artifact from Yesteryear

I was cleaning out a closet in the guest bedroom this evening and found an uncashed check from the Gateway game convention circa 1985 for $5.00. This was a prize from Hero Games that each person at our table was awarded for successfully finishing in first place in a Champions game. At least I think it was first place. You would have thought we would have been given a trophy or somesuch. Anyway, I kept the check as my trophy all these years.

The Dungeon Masters

I watched a documentary this weekend on Hulu.com called The Dungeon Masters. It's basically focused on 3 individuals who are DM's of D&D and their lives. It seems to me, the makers of the documentary selected these people who are examples of the extreme stereotype of D&D players and DM's. Obviously, they selected these people to portray gamers as oddballs and losers. Sadly, anyone with no knowledge of D&D will come away with a similar viewpoint after watching this documentary.

Has anyone else watched this? And what is your opinion of it?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Some more Pathfinder Plastic Minis Images

I found some more preview images from the upcoming plastic miniatures line for Pathfinder.

That's a pretty attractive-looking Medusa. I thought the old legend was she was supposed to be so hideous in appearance you turned to stone. Hmmm.

That lich looks bad-ass.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Work Faster, Minions!

Today is supposed to be the VIP Head Start on the new expansion for City of Heroes. It was supposed to be ready at 1PM. So, I come home for lunch from work and find out they are not ready yet and the maintenence time has been extended.

It's times like this that I want to channel my inner Dr. Doom and blast some hapless dolt with an ion blast from my iron gauntlet...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Good Day

I knew everything was going to go well today. It started with thunder, lightning and rain! Overcast skies meant it wasn't going to be the typical oven-baked temperatures we have been suffering. Yay!

I went to the Hobby Day in Anaheim where we had our first session of a Pathfinder campaign. Our intrepid party (consisting of: Half-Orc Fighter, Dwarf Rogue, Elf Ranger, Human Fighter, Half-Elf Sorceress, and Dwarf Cleric) answered the call to help out a hamlet that was being harrassed by goblins. On the way there, we encountered a band of goblins attacking some wagons and killing elves. We wasted them promptly (the goblins that is, not the elves...) and found a halfling merchant cowering under an overturned wagon. We assisted two of the fallen elves, who were the guards hired by the halfling and prevented them from dying. The halfling promised us "store credit" at her shop in the hamlet of Barrow's Edge which is where we were going. So, we uprighted the wagons. My ranger tracked down the horse that ran away and brought it back to the wagons so we could get the halfling's goods safely to her shop.

A few hours later, we were attacked again on the narrow road that wound its way through the forest. This time by a goblin druid and his two rapid dogs. The druid got the drop on us and cast an Entangle spell near the wagons. A few of us were on foot behind the wagons, so we weren't caught in the spell's area of effect. The dogs attacked us and one managed to bite the dwarf rogue in the shoulder. We quickly killed the dogs and goblin druid and we found a scroll, two wands and 10pp and 10gp on the bugger. That is the richest goblin I have ever encountered.

We make it to the hamlet towards evening and after settling in at the local Inn, we learn that the goblins had been disrupting trade in and out of the hamlet. As the place has no militia or any defenses, these people were in dire need of help. There was the beginnings of a wooden wall being constructed, but completion would not be expected for another year. We spent the evening talking to the locals and the more prominant citizens. We learned that a few villagers went out looking for the goblins, but never returned. One of those villagers was the husband of the woman who ran the Inn. She asked us to find her husband and if possible, return to her the wedding ring he wore. In return, she would give us a family heirloom, a sword.

A local dwarf who is a money-lender told us that he had reason to believe that the goblin raids were just the prelude to attacking the village and did not want that to happen. He said he would reward us with 500 gp if we would deal with the goblin menace and could show proof that the goblins would never trouble the village again. We debated what constituted as "proof", but it was sort of left up to us to figure that out. I suggested collecting goblin heads.

The following day, we travelled back to where we encountered the goblin druid and his mangy mutts and looked for tracks to see if they would lead us back to the goblin lair. My ranger was having a hard time locating any tracks (really sucky dice rolls), but the human fighter managed to spot some and soon we were off on the hunt. The tracks led to forested hills were finally the forest ended and there was a sloping field of tall grass with a dirt trail leading through it to a small cave in a hill. A few noticed 2 Goblins and a dog just inside the mouth of the cave. The Dwarf Rogue and Elf Ranger used stealth is crawl slowly through the tall grass to get into position to suprise attack the guards. The dog seemed to become aware of the Elf Ranger's scent, but had become alerted and did not attack. The elf saw this as the best oppurtunity to take out the dog, and fired an arrow at it with his bow. His shot only wounded the animal. Meanwhile, the human fighter ran from the treeline up the the mouth of the cave to engage one of the goblins. The other goblin turned and ran deeper into the cave.

The dog and goblin were quickly slain, but soon 5 more goblins armed with bows arrived. There was a pitched battle inside the cave which was joined a round later by a Bugbear and another goblin. The Half Orc killed the Bugbear with a critical hit and used his Cleave feat and took out the goblin that was next to him. The Elf Ranger took out two more goblins with arrows and the human fighter killed another goblin with his sword. Two remaining goblins ran away towards a wood door that the Bugbear and goblin emerged from and slammed it behind them.

That was the end of the first session. Nobody in the party died, so thats always a good thing.

Friday, September 9, 2011

[Mystery Men!] Miasma

[Mystery Men!] Rex Havoc

This is a character from an old Champions campaign I played in many years ago. The premise of the campaign was that each of the player's characters was a teenage metahuman and we were all in a special school called Mt. Greylock Academy, that also had normal kids attending. Much of the faculty were also powerful metahumans, who taught mundane classes but also helped to train us in our powers. We had to keep our powers secret from the normal kids in the school. There was a "rival" school called Sentinel Academy which also had their own metahuman students, but these kids were evil and they hunted and abducted young mutants into their school. It was very much like the old Marvel comic New Mutants and their struggles against the Hellions. It was a cool game and I played the asshole of the group. My inspiration was Judd Nelson's character from the movie The Breakfast Club. There was awesome roleplaying between the PCs and NPCs with the typical teen-age angst that goes along with high school drama.

[Mystery Men!] Speed Demon

Using the new character sheets from Bliss, here is a new hero.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's too Damn Hot!

The last few days here in Southern California haven seen temps in the 90's. It's great weather if you're a Baked Fucking Potato! I really hope things cool down dramatically before this Saturday's Hobby Day in Anaheim. Since the gaming hall doesn't have air-conditioning, it can be a real drag when you are uncomfortably hot and sweaty. Regardless, I'll be playing a 1st level Elf Ranger as it's a new campaign and we are all first level schlubs.

I was searching for an image online to use on my character sheet. Searching Google, I found there was a preponderance of FEMALE elven ranger pictures, but hardly any good ones of male elves. I guess it just proves the fact that what people are looking for are Hot Elf Chicks.

Speaking of Pathfinder, I purchased the Hero Lab software and downloaded the Pathfinder rules for it. I find that with crunchy systems such as PF, I'm always overlooking something, like an extra skill point I'm entitled too or somesuch. A nice little program such as this reminds you of such stuff so you aren't cheating or screwing yourself.

Monday, September 5, 2011

[Mystery Men!] Gun Spectre

REAL NAME: Unknown
CLASS: Adventurer

STR: 5 (+1)
INT: 4 (+1)
WIL: 3 (+0)
DEX: 6 (+1)
CON: 2 (+0)
CHA: 4 (+1)

HP: 18
DC: 11, 13 (Light Armor)
ATT BONUS:+4 (Range), +4 (Melee)

POWERS: Weapon Master (Handgun), Catfall, Scare, Invisibility, Super DEX +5, Jump (Rocket Pack: DC:16 HP:3), Darkvision (Mask: DC:10, HP: 10)

GEAR: Light Armor (+2 DC), 2 Handguns (2d6)

BACKGROUND: Who is the hero that haunts the nightmares of evil men? Only the Gun Spectre knows. A mysterious hero from the Golden Age of crime-fighting, the Gun Spectre deals out justice with his twin automatic pistols and strange powers.

[Mystery Men!] Pink Isotope

REAL NAME: Kaitlyn Banks
CLASS: Adventurer

STR: 4 (+1)
INT: 5 (+1)
WIL: 7 (+2)
DEX: 11 (+3)
CON: 2 (+0)
CHA: 6 (+1)

HP: 20
DC: 13
ATT BONUS:+7 (Range), +5 (Melee)
SPEED: 2, 4 (Flying)

POWERS: Energy Blast (Neutrino Beam) 5d6, Energy Cone (Psychic Scream) 5d6, Fly, Super DEX +5, Super WIL +5

BACKGROUND: On her 14th birthday, Kaitlin Banks received a chemistry set from her father. Kaitlin was always interested in science as a child, namely due to the influence of her father, who is an engineer at the Terra Volta Reactor. Her first expirement caused an unstable reaction and the beaker shattered, sending a cloud of pink vapors into the air, which caused Kaitlin's hair to turn permanently pink. Unbeknownst to her at the time, the isotopes in the vapors also unlocked potential psionic powers. Then one day, Kaitlin's father took her to the Terra Volta Reactor on a 'Take Your Daughter to Work Day'. An attack by Sky Raiders while she was there exposed Kaitlin to the reactor core. Her dormant psionic powers triggered and she was also able to absorb and control the radiation, thus saving the engineers from exposure. Some heroes showed up to save the reactor from the Raiders. At this point Kaitlin's father enrolled her into the Nukem High School for Girls so she could learn her powers.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

[Mystery Men!] Dr. Destruction

REAL NAME: Dr. Wolfgang Mentz
CLASS: Scientist

STR: 12 (+3)
INT: 12 (+3)
WIL: 11 (+3)
DEX: 6 (+1)
CON: 6 (+1)
CHA: 16 (+5)

DC: 15
ATT BONUS: +7 (Melee), +8 (Range)

Powered Battle Armor:(DC: 16, HP:40)(Energy Bolt 10d6, Web, Invulnerability II, Protection, Adapt Body (Vaccuum), Water Breathing, Super Speed +2, Super STR +10)

Super INT +10, Super CHA +10, Super CON +4, Super WIL +6

Science Pool: 20,500xp

During World War II, Dr. Wolfgang Mentz was recruited by the Nazis to work on special weapons. He helped develop the V2 rocket and other jet-propelled aircraft. He regarded the other scientists as inferior to his own intellect. Resentful of his arrogance and condescending manner, the other scientists managed to lock Dr. Mentz in a lab and set a fire among the barrels of volatile jet fuel. The building exploded and it was believed that Dr. Mentz had perished.

Dr. Mentz had managed to escape, but not before suffering severe burns over most of his body. Fortunately for him, there was a canal nearby that he dove into to extinguish the flames. Burned and crippled, Dr. Mentz was no longer the image of Aryan perfection, and so he went into secret exile underground to conduct his own research and expirements. Many years had passed, but soon he emerged in South America, this time in a suit of powered armor which hid his grotesque appearance and provided the means to survive his injuries. The armor had greatly enhanced his physical abilities and provided protection from mundane weapons. It could project beams of energy from his gauntlets. He quickly took over a small country in South America and began his plans for world domination as Dr. Destruction.

Friday, September 2, 2011

This Weekend

This coming Satuday, I'm supposed to go to SoCal Smackdown 2011, a small local game convention in Anaheim. I purchased a one-day pass and signed up for a OD&D game set in a prequel to Tegel Manor.

Those plans may be nixxed since I had taken my dog into the Vet this morning for them to do a biopsy on a suspicious lump under his throat. He had a large goiter a few weeks ago, which has gone away, but this lump has me worried. Depending on how the proceedure went, I won't know until I pick up my dog from the Vet later this afternoon if he will be okay to be left alone at home on Saturday.

If I have to cancel my plans, I guess I will continue the work on re-basing my superhero minis.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Superheroes Minis Hack pt. 2

Below are some pics of what I have worked on so far. I haven't done the final matte finish on any of the minis yet. Apologies for some of the darkness in the pics.

This mini is Diamond Lil, originally from Omega Flight from Marvel Comics.

Here is another angle of Diamond Lil.

This mini was from the Horrorclix line. It is a Succubus. Not a very sexy Succubus, of which the picture of the Succubus in the 1st Edition Monster Manual is how I measure Succubi Hotness. :)

This mini I'm going to use for my Monk character in a Pathfinder game. I think this is one of the best action monk minis I've seen to date. I still need to finish painting the base before the matte finish goes on.

Here is an example of the textured base I mentioned in the previous post. This is the original color before using primer and painting or decorating.

This is what one of the bases look like after I trimmed it down with an exacto-knife. It's much smoother when compared to the image above.

This is a mini of Firestar (aka Angelica Jones) most famously known from the old cartoon Spiderman and his Amazing Friends. This is a flying mini that is usually placed atop a clear plastic peg on the original Heroclix base. What I did was drill a small hole into the base and wedged the peg at the end of her foot into it. I may just keep the base the way it is. Or I might do something where it looks like it's been scortched by her flame powers.

This was another flying flame-powered mini. I don't recognize the character, could be a DC villain. Anyway, the angle of the pose made it perfect to drill a hole in the base and make him look like he's on the ground, ready to fire a flame blast.

Here are more ready for the new base assembly-line. See if you can guess who they all are. A few may be difficult based on the angle of the pic.

Superhero Minis Hack

I've been thinking about wanting to run a superhero game and have been reading the rulebook for Mystery Men! I figured I would need some superhero minis, so I found a website called Miniature Market, where I purchased around 40 Heroclix minis which were relatively cheap.

The thing is, Heroclix minis have this very large base with the dial-thingy built into it. I don't want that, so I went to my FLGS to pick up some new bases. They didn't have any round bases that were plain flat. They did have ones that had a magnetic base, but I didn't want those. The guy in the store helped me out and pointed out that they did have some resin bases for 25mm minis, but they were pre-textured. I browsed through them and picked up the ones that had a rock-like shale texture on them, enough to re-base all my Heroclix. I also picked up some flocking material from Gale Force 9 for the bases to help blend/cover up where I was going to mount the Heroclix minis to the new bases.

After a little trial and error, I found that using a box-cutter/exacto-blade and just shearing away the bottom of the feet from the Heroclix base was easier than using scissors to hack away the base and using a metal file to whittle away the excess, which was a very slow process. Since I never did anything like this before and I'm not a particulary "crafty" person, I was digging learning this new technique.

The pre-textured resin bases needed to be flattened out a bit and the exacto-blade worked well in shaving away layers of raised texture. With a little primer and letting that dry, I painted the bases and used the flocking material and glued the minis on the new bases, suitable for a 1" square grid.

My one question I would pose to any minis afficiandos out there is: What is the techniue/process to keep the flocking and/or grit used on a base from falling/rubbed off? Is there a spray sealant that one uses to protect this? Recommendations?

I'll post some pics later of the few I got done.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Now THAT's a big Diamond!

Ripped straight from the news, this article about a planet made of diamond orbiting a neutron star. Now that's a treasure any band of greedy adventurers in a Traveller or Spelljammer game would love to get their hands on. Of course such a prize shouldn't be easy to get, considering the game-breaking wealth it implies. Such a treasure should be guarded by a celestial kraken or a greedy megacorp that has got there first.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yeah it's my birthday. I got a Barnes & Noble gift card which I can use to get a gaming book at some point, though I can't think of one I want right now. My brother got me the first SAW movie. He always seems to get me a DVD movie out of left field. I have already seen the movie years ago, but its not one that has alot of re-watch potential as like maybe Star Wars: A New Hope does.

The only game-related gift was one I ordered online and concidentally arrived today on my birthday. I ordered about 39 Hero-clix minis for a Mystery Men! game I want to run at the next Hobby Day. More on that later in another post.

Monday, August 22, 2011

We don't need no stinkin' badge(rs)!!

So there's these new badges going around for DMs to showcase their playstyle. And it immediately made me think of this:

Shame, the dude got cut off, just 1/10 of a second more.

And this from UHF.

And so this led to the Badger Song.

And some kind of sequel video of the Badger Song. The animation in this video is very good.

Yeah, stream of conciousness posting. :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reading Mystery Men!

I downloaded Mystery Men!, a free superhero RPG over at Land of Nod. I read a review of the game over here and decided to give it a read. This is a nice, rules-light style of game and is very familiar with regards to stats (D&D anyone?). You can run any style or power-level of super-heroics. It lacks the super customability of Champions, but given the complex nature of that game and the utter crawl of combat, I find that Mystery Men! will perform better. I do get the sense that it will require a bit more imagination and adjudication from the GM's (err...Master Mind's) part, but isn't that the spirit of old school gaming? Rulings and not Rules?

I made a character based on my character I play in the Online game City of Heroes, a Fiery Aura/Super Strength Tanker. I used the superheroic range of starting points (50,000) to build my hero. This is only a close approximation as it would be way expensive to create every power my character has in the online game.

Candie Firestar
Level 6 Adventurer
STR: 14, DEX: 6, CON: 10, INT: 2, WIL: 1, CHA: 2
HP: 45
DC: 15

Attack Bonus: +9, Damage Bonus: +4, Range Attack Bonus: +1
Powers: Super STR +10, Super CON +5, Invulnerability III, Flame Body, Endure Elements, Jump +20

Background:Candice (Candie) O'Shea was born into a wealthy family of Irish ancestry. Her father is an inventor and engineer of a revolutionary source of power that is basically a miniature sun. During a test, the electromagnetic fields that kept the superheated ball of plasma contained experienced a malfunction and began to destabilize. Candie was present during the test. As the EM field collapsed, Candie's dormant mutant genes imprinted themselves on the forces unleashed. Candie asborbed the rapidly expanding fireball into her body. Another side effect of her mutant powers was increased super strength, presumably due to the gravitic forces also unleashed. Candie was sent away to a special school to help deal with her powers. This is the Nukem High School for Girls. In the meantime, Candie does her homework, talks about boys, learns more about her new powers, fights crime, talks about boys, does makeovers, goes to the mall, and talks about boys.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Registered at SoCal Smackdown 2011

So, I registered for a one-day pass for SoCal Smackdown 2011, a gaming covention happening over Labor Day weekend. This is the convention's 2nd year and the good thing about it is that it's close by in Anaheim. This convention has sparked alot of debate and nerdrage because there is another covention happening the same weekend in Los Angeles (Strategicon?). The big gripe is that this upstart convention is drawing away gamers who would have attended the one in L.A. Whatever. I'll attend a venue that's closer to my backyard.

I signed up for a 1st Edition D&D game that is supposed to be a prequel to Tegel Manor. I have never played in the original Tegel Manor and never heard any stories about it to give away any spoilers, so it will be fresh and new to me.

I was going to sign up to play some DDM minis games, but found out that was going to cost an extra $4.00 per event to play. So, I'll pass.

I will admit, the event list looks really sparse. Maybe these are just the left-overs for late registration? Maybe alot of events are filled from those who pre-registered? I hope there is some other open gaming that I can get in on besides the event I signed up for.

I haven't been to a con in like forever, and I wanted to see what this newcomer had to offer.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tron Girl

I found this today while surfing the web. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ooh Ooh!! More on Pathfinder Pre-painted Plastic Minis!!

The new line of Pathfinder minis is being called Pathfinder Battles: Heroes & Monsters.

The press release is HERE.

The minis look fucking awesome. The down side is that they will be in randomized packs. But I can let that slide given the quality I am seeing here.

Dark Sun

I purchased the Dark Sun campaign boxed set for AD&D 2nd Edition from eBay the other day. It's currently making it's way through the postal system to me. I remember making a character for Dark Sun back in the day when it first came out. I think many of us at the time were tired of the high fantasy, Tolkien-influenced D&D and wanted to try out this grim setting. I can only recall making a character for the game, a half-giant gladiator, but do not recall any specifics on any adventures. Whether that is a failing of my aging brain or the dubiousness of the quality of the adventure I do not know.

What got me interested in picking up the Dark Sun boxed set was influenced by watching DVDs of the cable series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand". It's an awesome series, with bloody combats, sex and political intrigue. There's a little too much "man-meat" bantied about for my taste, but it's equally countered by gratuitious boobies, so I can deal. I think it would be cool if a Dark Sun game could be ran in a similar fashion (sans nudity), with all the goings on, double-dealing and quests for power, money and fame.

If there is any setting that screams "Sword & Sorcery", Dark Sun is definitely it and I can see why it was so popular. I actually never owned the box set, so this will be a "new" acquisition. I did buy the 4E Dark Sun rulebook (when I was still playing 4E), and it was nicely done as far as production values and art are concerned, but I think it dropped the ball on how it dealt with Defiling magic. It was too softball and the mechanic they presented was weak. Defiling magic is supposed to have a hardcore effect on the environment. 4E's treatment was lame. I've since distanced myself from 4E as I'm just not interested in trying to keep up with the rules changes and making characters on software that I need to subscribe to. I'm going back to the older systems when things made sense.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Xhuul Mutation Tables, Powers and Defects Completed into One PDF!

I combined the mutation powers and defects tables as well as the rules descriptions for each into a single PDF document. This replaces the one I previously put up the link to.

The new link can be found to the right under Xhuul Resources.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Captain America

I saw Captain America: The First Avenger this weekend. I really enjoyed the movie. As most people who have watched the other movies such as Iron Man and Thor, you need to stay through the end of the movie credits for a teaser scene. This one shows clips from next year's Avengers movie in May 2012. Looking forward to it.

As a former comic-book reader, I was never a reader of the Captain America comics. I was more into team-oriented comics, such as Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men. I stopped reading comics in the mid 1990's, as I grew fed up with how different writers would ressurect a dead hero or villian for the Nth time (Magneto anyone?), just for the sake of a story and screwing up the continuity of the Marvel Universe. I know, it's a comic book, but jeez man, don't undo something another writer did, it really undermines their story.

Nowadays, when I have ventured into a comic-book store or a gaming store with a comic section, I really am just baffled as to what is currently going on (Cyclops and Emma Frost are knocking boots? What happened to Jean Grey?).

I hope that the Avengers movie has Captain America leading the group. I recall that in the 1970's, Iron Man was the leader of the Avengers (because Stark Industries funded the team with it's equipment and mansion I presume.) But I can't see that happening in the new movie, Tony Stark is too much of a loose cannon. I remember that Iron Man did give up his leadership position in the Avengers when he went through his drinking problem, and Cap became leader. Of course, he's really got to get up to speed on modern day technology and society, which I'm sure will be touched on in the movie in some manner.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mutations Details Document and New Character Sheets

These have been added as links on the right-hand side of the blog, under Xhuul Resources.

The powers of course haven't had a real play-test yet, so when I get around to that, changes may occur. It will be interesting to see how it handles in actual play with other classes.

The only classes I'm using in C&C are The Fighter, Rogue, Sorceror (Wizard), and Mutant. As usual, Fighters get hosed when you compare all the stuff the other classes can do. I'm thinking about adding some more abilities that Fighters can do to even things out, but that will go on my "to-do list".

Friday, July 22, 2011

Arise and Mutate!

I have finally completed the mutation lists for Mutant PCs for Xhuul. Enjoy!

Physical Mutations Table
d100% Physical Mutation

01-02   360 Vision
03-04   Acid Secretion
05-06   Acid Spray
07-09   Adrenaline Control
10-12   Ambidextrous
13-14   Bodily Control
15-16   Body Weaponry
17-18   Carapace
19-21   Catfall
22-23   Chameleon Powers
24-26   Darkvision
27-29   Deepvision
   30    Disease Immunity
   31    Dual Brain
32-34   Duskvision
35-36   Electrical Generation
37-38   Energy Absorption
39-40   Energy Metamorphosis
41-42   Fire Resistant Skin
  43    Gas Generation
  44    Gills
45-46   Energy Blast
47-48   Healing Touch
  49    Heat Generation
50-52   Heightened Balance
53-55   Heightened Physical Attributes
56-57   Heightened Precision
58-59   Heightened Sense
  60    Horns/Antlers
  61    Kinetic Absorption
62-63   Mane/Bristles
  64    Morphic Body
  65    Multiple Body Parts
66-67   New Body Parts
68-69   Photosynthetic Skin
  70    Physical Refection
  71    Poison Glands
72-73   Poison Resistance
  74    Quills/Spines
75-76   Rada/Sonar Sense
77-78   Regeneration
79-80   Skeletal Enhancement
81-82   Shorter
  83    Sonic Blast
  84    Sound Imitation
85-86   Speed Increase
87-88   Taller
89-90   Twilightvision
  91    Web Generation
  92    Wings
93-00   Roll on Physical Defects Table

Mental Mutations Table
d100% Mental Mutation

===== ===============
01-03   Absorption
04-06   Beguiling
07-10   Clairaudience
11-14   Clairvoyance
15-17   Confusion
18-21   Directional Sense
22-24   Empathy
25-26   Enfeeblement
27-29   Fear Generation
  30    Force Field Generation
31-34   Genius Capability
35-38   Heightened Brain Talent
39-40   Heightened Intelligence
  41    Illusion Generation
42-43   Intuition
  44    Levitation
  45    Light Manipulation
  46    Magnetic Control
47-50   Mental Blast
51-52   Mental Control
53-54   Mental Control of Body
  55   Mental Paralysis
56-59   Mental Shield
  60    Molecular Disruption
  61    Molecular Sense
  62    Plant Control
63-65   Precognition
  66    Psychic Blade
67-68   Psychometry
69-71   Pyro/Cryrokinesis
  72    Reflection
  73    Repelling Force
  74    Repulsion Field
  75    Stunning Force
76-77   Symbiotic Attachment
78-81   Telekinesis
82-84   Telekinetic Arm
85-86   Telekinetic Burst
  87    Telekinetic Flight
88-89   Telepathy
  90    Teleport Object
  91    Teleportation
  92    Thought Imitation
  93    Will Force
94-00   Roll on Mental Defects Table

I have the details of each power written up in a document. I still need to work on the Defects. I have the list of defects, I just need to write up the details on them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Plethora of Stuff

1) The war against the fleas seems to have subsided. I don't want declare victory as yet, because from what I have read, I may see signs of more fleas from 2-6 weeks from now, as eggs could hatch etc.,. I don't want to pull a "Dubya" by hanging the "Mission Accomplished" sign too early. Needless to say, my dog is doing much better and the redness of his skin is going away and he isn't scratching himself to death like he was.

2) I've decided to abandon the Xhuul Character sheets I had previously made. I wanted so much to keep the tentacle-themed border but it ate up too much real estate on the sheet and by the same token minimized the space to keep track of character data. I'm currently tweaking a character sheet I found here in Photoshop Elements. Once I have the final version, I will post it to the blog.

3) I've made a slight change to the Mutant Character class for the Xhuul setting. I made a few mutant characters and wasn't happy with the results. There was a possibility of creating a character that didn't start with any mutations. That made as much sense as having a sorceror with no spells. So I am going with a new method that combines classic Gamma World with my current rules.

Characters roll 1d4 twice, once for the number of Physical mutations and a second time for Mental mutations. That assigns the starting base number of mutations. When generating attributes, each "1" rolled on the 3d6 means a defect and any "6" rolled means a beneficial mutation. At player's discretion, defects can be cancelled out from any "6's" they roll. This change improves the chances that the character gets a decent number of mutations and doesn't create a hopless character.

The other change was that I increased the hit dice of mutant characters to 1d8 instead of 1d6. They still fight and gain experience using the Cleric Table as per standard Castles & Crusade rules.

4) I purchased the PDF of a classic Judge's Guild module, "Under the Storm Giant's Castle". I remember playing in this module way back around 1980. As a new player to AD&D back then, I thought it was interesting and evocative. As a more seasoned DM and player, I still think it's one of the more original "dungeon" settings. I'm thinking about adapting this for play in C&C. I won't be using the silly "balloon men" as I think Mephits would be a better replacement monster.

5) Oh and the AD&D Monster Manual (the one with the classic cover done by David C. Sutherland III) I purchased from Ebay arrived. It's in very good condition and with shipping, cost me less than $20.00.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


My dog has fleas. While I was on staycation last week, I had given my dog his monthly dose of Frontline Plus. I admit that I had lapsed giving him this dose for several months, and that has come to kick him and me in the nards for that laxness. Apparently this year is a bad flea season, and despite me applying that dose of Frontline, it did absolutely no good. My dog has been scratching like crazy and this seemed more that just his usual scratching when he goes through his fur shedding. So I examined his fur and found a flea. Now mind you, this is several days after applying his medicine. So I gave him a bath with some anti-flea shampoo.

This past week has seen the usual scratchings and yep, found more fleas. I managed to pluck a few off him and drown them in water. His belly was red from scratching and I gave him some Benadryl to alleviate the allergy he was having from the flea bites. My sister recommended an oral pill called Comfortis as this really helped to kill the fleas on her dog. Since my dog had his annual health exam coming up, I decided to get some from the Vet. The veterinarian told me mostly likely, with the level of infestation she was seeing that the environment (i.e. my house) had fleas in it. After I got home from the vet, I went right out and got some powder that you apply on the carpets and brush in with a broom so that it penetrates deep into the fibers. Wait a few hours and vaccuum.

Well, he seems to be doing better now. He still scratches from time to time, but I will have to monitor that, otherwise it will be another trip to the Vet for a cortozone shot.

If reading this didn't make you feel itchy or want to scratch, I commend you, as writing this post made me do it several times.


SIZE: Small
HD: 2 (D8)
MOVE: 60 ft., 180' ft (leap)
AC: 20
ATTACKS: 1 Bite (1d8)
SPECIAL: Blood Drain, Immune to Blunt Weapons,
Vulnerability to Water and Drowning, Agile
INT: Animal
TYPE: Vermin
XP: 25 + 2/hp

Giant Fleas are the size of small dogs. They are fast on land and can leap far distances. If they are dowsed with large quantities of water, their speed is reduced to 10' and they cannot leap. If they are submerged in a large volume of water, they will drown instantly and die.

Giant Fleas has a tough outer chitin which is hard to damage, hence they are immune to blunt-force weapons and crushing attacks.

When a Giant Flea attacks, it will be with a tube-like mouth part that penetrates the target's flesh doing 1d8 damage. After this initial attack, the giant flea will drain blood of 1d6 hp per round. Once it has consumed enough blood equal to it's own hit points, it will release and leap away.

Giant fleas are very agile and get a +3 to any saves for DEX and are +10 against any grab attacks.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Black Marshes of Thalanaq

In the distant past, during the time of the Great Cataclysm, a large area of land collapsed, sending most civilized areas crashing into ruins. The Plax and Shoon Rivers poured down over the ensuing escarpment, flooding a depression which became the Black Marshes and Lake Hlan.

A sorceror of notorious power known as Thalanaq arrived in the area and erected a stone tower on the eastern shore of Lake Hlan. His foul expirements and magicks turned the viscuous mud and waters of the marsh black, accompanied by the foul odor of brimstone. He also unleashed foul beasts and malformed creations to roam the stinking marshes to keep away intruders.

In time, Thalanaq's demon patron, Ysidruul instructed Thalanaq to build a city and attract others to worship it. Thalanaq began the task without question. He went forth and gathered many men and women who were barely surviving in the surrounding lands. He told them he could provide food and protection in exchange for their labor to build the city and to pay homage to Ysidruul. And so over many decades, the city of Thalan was built around the site where his tower stood. A temple to Ysidruul was built and Thalanaq's tower was expanded and became what is known as the High Tower of the Watchers in modern times. The stone of the tower is carved with the motifs of many eyes, many of which move and follow passersby. Thalanaq took on apprentices at Ysidruul's urgings to teach them sorcery. Benath the city, a network of sewage tunnels were built with outflows feeding into Lake Hlan.

Little did anyone know that Ysidruul was in fact an Aboleth who had managed to dominate Thalanaq and had him build the city so as to expand it's own base of power. With more people gathered in one place, Ysidruul was guaranteed a constant food source and slaves to it's will. All would have been weel except that one of Thalanaq's apprentices was exceptionally more strong-willed and discovered the threat. He managed to break some of the other Watcher's from Ysidruul's influence, but this alerted Ysidruul and he sent Thalanaq to deal with the upstarts. A great sorcerous battle took place and many apprentices were killed, but Thalanaq was finally brought low and slain. The temple to Ysidruul was torn down. The remaining Watchers discovered a spell that drove the Aboleth from the city and into Lake Hlan. That was over 100 years ago and the modern-day Watchers now keep a vigilant watch over the lake, performing rites to keep Ysidruul from returning.

Thalan today is in decline and a corrupt place, seeking it's hedonistic pleasures, aloof of the plight of the lower-class. The city is governed by the Mallisartu family, once a powerful merchant family that rose itself up to noble status. Wealth that is now squandered away on pleasures of the mind and flesh, sequestered away in their palatial homes. The city is mostly lawless and the city guards cater to the many factions within the city. Anything can be bought or sold for the right price. Thalan is a city focused on pleasure. Whether that is brought about through drugs, alchohol, love-slaves, or the gladitorial combats in the local arena. However very few can afford such luxuries and there is a large lower class that are exploited by the few in power.

Outside the walls of Thalan, the marshes and surrounding lands are a dangerous place. However, to the desperate few brave enough to seek their fortunes, there are old ruins to explore for riches. Many of the rich in Thalan would pay greatly for the exotic hallucinagetic plants found only in the steamy Jungles of Kesh or the Fungal March. Also exotic creatures are sought after to be captured for the arena games in Thalan as well.

Here is the link to a PDF file for the One-Page Wilderness Template detailing a map, hex keys and wilderness encounter tables: Black Marshes of Thalanaq

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Looks like many in my neighborhood were celebrating early last night popping off fireworks. My poor dog doesn't like the noise of fireworks and looks to me for reassurance that everything is OK.

I spent part of yesterday tinkering with my rebooted Xhuul sandbox hex map which I have placed on one of ChicagoWiz's One Page Wilderness Key Templates. I'm still writing up the Wilderness Encounter tables for the various terrain and using various sources to compile my monster list. Such sources include Kellri's Old School Encounters Reference netbook, pouring through my 3.5 edition Monster Manuals, Fiend Folio and the Monsters of Faerun. I'm using the 3.5 edition books to find appropriate creatures for the different terrain types and to determine the number of monsters encountered. Any statblock information will come from another of Kellri's fine resources, the Old School Monster Stat Block Reference netbook. Since I am using Castles & Crusades, I will of course be using the Ascending Armor class which won't be too hard to figure out.

I browsed through eBay yesterday and scored a decent copy of the 1st Edition AD&D Monster Manual for under $20.00 with shipping! I just love some of that old classic artwork for the monsters. I think the art for Demogorgon was more sinister than any of the modern artistic incarnations I have seen. Of course that Succubus picture is to die for!

Friday, July 1, 2011


I'll be on vacation for a week. I'm not going anywhere, just relaxing around the house. These days, I'm not really up to the hussle and bustle of travel that much. It will be nice to have time off work.

And I always think of this song this time of year:

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reset Button

I've decided to hit the "Reset Button" on the Xhuul setting and map. I'm ditching the large map I made, and go with something smaller and a little more sandboxy. I was feeling compelled to detail alot of things on the large map even though most likely alot of it would never be used. So, instead of wasting time and energy on that, I'm working on a small map of 15 x 15 hexes in Hexographer. I feel this will be easier to manage.

As for the setting itself, I'm going to be dialing down the "weird and science" elements and upping the "fantasy" elements more. Yes, there will still be mutants, but I also wanted to use some races such as bullywugs and gnolls; and more terrestrial creatures like giant frogs and dire wolves. I'm also throwing in some dinosaurs too. I will use the monsters featured in the Xhuul Bestiary posts on this blog. Lovecraftian themes and general Yog-Sothery will still be used.

I've been editing down the list of mutation powers to keep things on an even keel. I've removed over-the-top powers such as Planar Travel, Temporal Fugue and Time Manipulation. I want mutants, just not the X-Men.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Idea: Traveller-style UPP for Fantasy Cities

I thought of an idea to use a Traveller-style UPP (Universal Planetary Profile) for cities in fantasy games. This way, at a glance you can get general information about a city, such as population, government, law level, etc., I don't have this all figured out as this is just a rough idea. I'm sure someone has done something like this already, if so, I would be interested in looking at it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Mini-Con

This Sunday is a small "mini-con" at a local gaming store. There are 6 events/games happening. I signed up for the "Dungeon Crawl Classics" game. I attended last year to playtest a DCC game that Joseph Goodman ran. Also playing in the same game was Cyclopeatron, who had a extensive review he posted on his blog. It was a good time and we succeeded in the adventure in record time. I remember that I played a Thief whose background was a gravedigger and ran around with a shovel. He didn't survive past the first encounter unfortunately. But there were plenty of spare characters in the party, as some players were playing two characters. I think Joseph Goodman encouraged this as attrition was expected to be high. The climax of the adventure was something right out of a movie and it was exciting and we won!

Monday, June 20, 2011

So, What Did You Get on Free RPG Day?

This past Saturday was Free RPG Day. I went down to my FLGS, "Brookhurst Hobbies", not necessarily to score free swag, as I saw what was on the list this year and nothing really grabbed me. I did purchase Paizo's "The Inner Sea World Guide" Pathfinder book. It has alot of nice artwork and some cool material within, and a poster size map of the Inner Sea region. I sometimes buy such books just to mine ideas from.

So did YOU get any of the free stuff?