Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Back to Xhuul

I need to invest some time to get the blog back on track to it's namesake, the Xhuul setting. My time has been divided between running my 4E game and trying out the new MMO DC Universe Online. A friend of mine gave me a 10-day trial code. It's a fun game and I'm liking the Gotham City gameplay missions. Of course none of this is conducive to creating more content for Xhuul.

I want to read the section in the back of the Mutant Future rulebook,(called Mutants and Mazes)that has rules for using it with Labyrinth Lord. Specifically on the use of their magic system. Hopefully it can save me some time on my creation of the Xhuulian Sorcery magic system. We'll see.

To help spark some inspiration, I purchased a few books by Clark Ashton Smith from Barnes and Noble, which arrived today. One is "The Klarkash-ton Cycle", CAS's Cthulthu Mythos fiction. The other is another anthology of stories called "The Return of the Sorcerer".