Friday, January 21, 2011

Mong, Denizen of Xhuul

Just for kicks, I wanted to see the results of rolling up a Mutant Human using the rules in the back of the Mutant Future book. If I were to use this system for mutant character generation for Xhuul, I wanted to give it a test.

Stats are rolled 3d6 in order:

Mong, Mutant Human, Travelling Merchant of Xhuul
STR: 9
INT: 6
DEX: 9
CON: 11
WILL: 14* (bonus from Increased Willpower already added)
CHA: 11 (CHA 14 from Intellectual Affinity when selling goods)

HP: 6
AC: 6

Beneficial Mutations
Class 3 Mutation (Physical): Dermal Poison Slime (Class 1 Poison)
Class 2 Mutation (Mental): Increased Willpower (+3 to Willpower)*
Class 2 Mutation (Mental): Intellectual Affinity (Bartering: +3 CHA when selling objects. Any object sold yields a x4 profit provided the buyer can afford the price. +10% to tech rolls)
Class 1 Mutation (Physical): Ultraviolet Vision
Class 1 Mutation (Physical): Night Vision
Class 1 Mutation (Physical): Prehensile Tail

Drawback Mutations
Class 3 Drawback (Physical): Vision Impairment (-2 to hit in combat)
Class 1 Drawback (Physical): Simiian Deformity

Equipment: Studded Leather armor, Longsword, Shortbow, 20 arrows, quiver, dagger, Pack Snail, backpack, bedroll, 50' rope, grapple-hook, 8 flasks of oil, 8 torches, 2 saddle-bags, 4 waterskins, 10 days of trail rations, flint& steel. 25 gold pieces

Mong is an odd fellow, cursed with the lumbering form of simian appearance. His long dragging arms and short legs, make him appear as some kind of primitive human. He has a prehensile tail that is furless. He is a very determined individual and was gifted with an ability to barter for goods and turn a decent profit. This ability has made him a wandering merchant, travelling from town to town with his Pack Snail bearing the brunt of his trade goods.

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