Sunday, February 13, 2011

Map of Xhuul

I've been tinkering around with Inkwell Idea's Hexographer program to make a map of the Weirdlands of Xhuul. I exported the map as a PNG file and opened it in Photoshop Elements to add the names of the towns, cities, villages and dungeons. I know that Hexographer has the capability of adding text to the map, but I don't like the interface and its somewhat slow in Java. I'm more familiar with Photoshop in this regard and it runs much faster.

Hexographer has a function to add random features to a map, such as cities, mines, monster lairs, points of interest etc., And it seems smart enough not to place something in a water hex. You can adjust the chance up or down that it will place a feature in a hex. I used this to randomly stock the hexes.

I used the Lovecraftian Name Generator to name many of the places. I made up a few names myself.

Click to embiggin'


  1. Great to get to see what Xhuul looks like.

  2. Wow the new map looks pretty cool indeed!