Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Xhuul Bestiary: Krthateli


SIZE: Medium
HD: 6 (d8)
MOVE: 30ft
AC: 14
SPECIAL: Mutations, Darkvision
INT: Genius
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil
TYPE: Abberation
XP: 1375 +8/hp

Alien creatures from another dimension, the Krthateli have raided into the lands of Xhuul looking for slaves. Their relative small bodies are dominated by an oversized head with a single cyclopean eye. Their bodie is supported by four tentacle-like legs. Their back and sides sprout numerous manipulator tentacles which they use to carry equipment and weapons.

Weapon (Stun Rod): The Krthateli are usually armed with a rod made of silvery metal. This rod fires a beam of cold, blue light that renders it's target unconcious. The target must make a CON save or fall unconcious for 1 hour.

Absorption (Cold): Can absorb cold damage equal to their HP total without subtracting from their actual hit points.

Illusion Generation: Can use 2/day. Can project illusions that have olfactory, visual amd audible components to any spot within sight range. Those seeing the illusion must make a WIS save or believe the illusion is real. The illusion lasts for 5 minutes.

Light Manipulation: Can use 2/day. Can make itself and everything they carry invisible. When power is in use, lasers and Black rays won't affect them. Attacking an invisible Krthateli suffers the usual penalty of -4 to hit. The Invisibility lasts for 4 minutes.

Fear Generation: Can Use 2/day. Can instill fear in one target within 90' range. Target must make a CHA save or flee in panic for the next 6 rounds. If target is unable to flee, it falls unconcious for 1d20 minutes.

Note: Image used with permission by Grograou of http://diaryofinhumanspecies.com/WordPress

Monday, March 28, 2011

Xhuul Bestiary: Man-Catcher


SIZE: Medium
HD: 2 (d8)
MOVE: 50ft, 20ft (climb)
ATTACKS:Head Pincer (2d6), Tail Pincer (1d8)
SPECIAL: Pincer Grab, 360 Vision
INT: Animal
TYPE: Vermin
XP: 20+2/hp

These man-sized insects are aggressive creatures that haunt forests and jungles, always in search of food. Their name comes from the large pincher above their head which looks like the man-catcher weapon used in some arenas. The pincher is used in the same way, to hold prey, crushing it, while repeated strikes with its tail pincher eventually kills their quarry. The Man-Catcher has eye-stalks which allow its eyes to look in any direction, thereby making it impossible to be suprised or attacked from behind.

Pincher Grab: When the Man-Catcher attacks, it's first action is to grab it's prey with it's head pinchers. A successful attack on its target does 2d6 damage and the target must make a successful save vs STR or be held immobile in it's pinchers. Each round thereafter, the pinchers squeeze like a vice doing 1d6 damage automatically. Each round, the target can try to make another save vs STR to break free.

Tail Pincher: A target held by the head Pincher, allows the tail pincher a +3 to hit that target.

Note: Image used with permission by Grograou of http://diaryofinhumanspecies.com/WordPress

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Table: Contents of a Groort's Digestive Cavity

I made up this random chart to help speed up what characters would find if they killed a Groort and sliced it open to find what was in it's digestive cavity. In lieu of the Treasure Type of the monster, I felt other things could be found that were undigested that were not necessarily treasure items.

Random Contents of a Groort's Digestive Cavity

Roll 2d4 to find out how many objects are found. Multiple results for the same item are added together (except for unique items marked with an "*")

For each object, check if undigested 01-50 (full value) or partially digested 51-100 (half value)

1d100    Object(s) Found
====    ======================
01-02    1d4 x100 copper pieces
03-04    1d4 x 100 silver pieces
05-06    1d4 x 100 gold pieces
07-08    1d2 x 10 platinum pieces
09-10    1d10 gems worth 10gp ea.
11-12    1d10 gems worth 25gp ea.
13-14    1d10 gems worth 50gp ea.
15-16    1d10 gems worth 100gp ea.
17-19    Crystal Vase worth 1d6 x10gp
20-22   Miniature figurine of a horse made of platinum and has
              ruby eyes worth 1d10x1000gp*
23-24    Gold Earrings worth 1d6 x10gp
25-26    Gold Statue of a Tentacled humanoid worth 1d12 x 100gp
27-28    Silver snuff Box worth 100gp
    29     The Golden Fleece*
    30     Stone Tablet with the 11th to 15th Commandments*
31-33    Copper Brazier
    34     Magic ring
35-37    1d100 lbs rocks
38-40    1d100 lbs coal
41-43    10-50 lbs iron ore
44-46    10-50 lbs copper ore
47-49    10-50 lbs silver ore
50-52    10-50 lbs gold ore
53-55    1d100 lbs granite
56-58    1d100 lbs dirt
    59     1-5 lbs mithral ore
    60     1-5 lbs adamantite ore
61-62    1d6 Iron swords
63-64    1d4 Suits of chainmail armor
65-66    1d2 Suits of plate armor
    67     Robot
68-69    Helmet, iron
70-73    10-200lbs of sand
    74     10-50 lbs of platinum ore
75-77    1d4 Shields
    78     Magic sword
    79     1d20 marbles
    80     Iron Cobra (from Fiend Folio, it's alive and angry)*
81-82    1d20 Iron arrowheads
83-84    1d20 Spearheads
85-86    1d6 Heavy Mace
87-88    1d4 Morningstar
    89     Magic Armor
90-91    20' of chain
92-93    Crowbar
    94     Laser Pistol*
    95     Energy Grenade*
96-00    NOTHING! (The Groort attacked because it was hungry)

Xhuul Bestiary: Groort


SIZE: Large
HD: 5 (d8)
MOVE: 30ft
AC: 16 Front/18 Rear
ATTACKS: Horn Gore (2-8), Bite (1d10)
SPECIAL: Immune to Back-Stab, Petrification
INT: Low
TYPE: Elemental
XP: 220 +5/hp

The Groort is an elemental creature with rock-like armored hide and great horns of jagged rock. These creatures feed on minerals, rock, crystals, precious metals and gems. They roam barren regions, deserts and mountains, and underground caverns. Their digestive system is rather slow to process the various minerals and metals they consume, only needing to feed once every 4 days. They are attracted to sources of magically-imbued metals or stone which they find to be a delicacy. When attacking, they gore their opponent with their horns and follow up with a bite from their large mouth. Their bite is dangerous as it can turn organic creatures into stone (which they then can consume for food).

Immune to Back-Stab: The Groort cannot be back-stabbed as it has a heavily armored hide of jagged rock on thier backs. Any attempt to back-stab will fail, but the weapon can do regular damage. Also any successful melee attack on their back side has a 4 in 10 chance that the attacker suffers 1d8 damage from the sharp jagged hide.

Petrification: The bite of a Groort can cause the target to turn into stone. Make a WIS save to avoid this.

Groorts which are killed are a great prize, as they may contain large quantities of gems and precious metals within their bodies which have not been digested. The treasure type is indicative of what may be within their bodies. Ignore any results from the treasure tables that would not make sense given what the Groort eats.

Note: Image used with permission by Grograou of http://diaryofinhumanspecies.com/WordPress

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Retconned the Blog

I spent a good portion of the day going back through the older posts and edited them for use with Castles & Crusades (or other retro-clone without too much fuss). I added some new content in them as well. Just use the "Castles and Crusades" tag to find them. Enjoy.

I still have several creatures I never finished statting when I was originally going to base the game using Gamma World. Now that I have decided to use Castles & Crusades, I will be doing the stats for these stragglers over the next few days.

Today's new creature is the Sibog

Xhuul Bestiary: Sibog


SIZE: Small
HD: 7 or Host
MOVE: 20ft', 10' (climb) or Host
AC: 12 or Host
SPECIAL: Mind Blast, Control Host, Spell-like Abilities
INT: High>
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
TYPE: Abberation
XP: 585 + 7/hp

The Sibog appears as a small brain-like creature with tentacle-like appendages it uses for locomotion. The Sibog usually finds a place of hiding and waits for a potential new host. Upon the arrival of a new host, the Sibog uses Detect Thoughts to determine if it will be a suitable host. Upon finding one, it will attempt to climb upon or drop down on the host and its tentacles will wrap around the host's head, inserting some into the ear canals and burrowing into the host's brain. This will allow it to control the host and use the host's abilities for it's own purposes.

Once in control of a host, the Sibog will have access to all of the host's memories and abilities and essentially has the host's HD for purposes of attacks and AC. Meanwhile the Sibog is slowly draining the brain's fluids. Each day, it drains 1pt of INT from the host (INT Save to Resist). Drained INT cannot be restored unless through magic. Once INT is reduced to 0, the brain is a descicated husk and the host dies. The Sibog disengages from the host and seeks a new one.

Mind Blast: The Sibog can unleash a psychic attack that affects all targets in a 30' radius from it. A Save vs WIS or each target takes 3d6 damage and is stunned for one round. The Sibog can use this power 2/day

Control Host: When the Sibog makes physical contact with a target to be it's new host, it first makes a grab attack to securely latch itself to the host. On the following round it burrows its tendrils into the host's brain. This causes 1d8 damage. Then it attempts to take control of the host. A Save vs WIS is required or the Sibog gains control. Once in control, it will be able to use all attacks, spells and abilities the host has.

Spell-like abilities: Detect Thoughts 2/day, Suggestion 1/day. Used as Sorcerer of 7th level.

If a Sibog attached to a host is attacked, it gains the AC of the host. Given its relatively small size, there is a -2 to hit penalty. Damage to the Sibog does one half this damage to the host if it has gained control of the host. A Sibog (not its host) that is reduced to 0 hit points dies and the host is freed from control.

Note: Image used with permission by Grograou of http://diaryofinhumanspecies.com/WordPress

Monday, March 21, 2011

Interesting find this weekend

While searching the great Internet this weekend, I came across an image of Cthulhu emerging from the ocean, while a human looks on from a beach. I checked out the site from where the image originated and was amazed that the artist John Kenn, does all his art on Post-It notes.

His art reminds me of Gahan Wilson's work. And just as that artist, his stuff is creepy.

I finished with the details on the Physical Mutations list for Xhuul and started work on the Mental Mutations list. I've yoinked many powers I found on the web that did most of the work for me, I just wanted to compile them on my own list and make a few changes as needed. After that I will work on the Defects.

Oh yeah...new banner for the Xhuul blog, just because.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Changing Systems

I'm thinking of changing the game system for the Xhuul setting from Gamma World to Castles & Crusades. One reason for this is that it would allow me to use the stable of monsters from the various Monster Manuals, Fiend Folios etc., as creatures. Also, I can use the existing spells in the Player's Handbook and other supplements (of course ditching the Vancian spell-casting in lieu of Power Point Costs of casting spells and keeping my alternate Spell names for flavor). Magic items can be used readily and if the object is a technological artifact, it's basically a reskinned magic-item.

This of course means necessary changes to many of the Mutations powers from Gamma World, so that it is in balance with the lower hit point values. One monster with the Life Leech power as currently written for Gamma World would wipe out a 1st Level adventuring party by the 2nd round of combat (assuming all were within the area of effect radius of the power). And that power in the hands of a PC would just be too damn powerful as written. So changes need to be made.

I haven't worked out all the details as yet, but I'm pondering the only classes would be Fighter, Magic-User (renamed as Sorcerer), Rogue and maybe Barbarian. I will add a new class called Mutant. The only race in the game would be Humans.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

AFLAC Duck Hit by Tsunami Wave

"Comedian" Gilbert Gottfried gets fired from insurance company AFLAC for his off-color "jokes" about the tsunami victims in Japan he posted on Twitter.

So my joke is:
What did Gilbert Gottfried say when he found out he was fired from AFLAC?


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Castles & Crusades (a brief review)

I purchased C&C Players Handbook and the Monsters & Treasures hardcovers for a sweet deal on Troll Lord Games' site for $20.00. I have heard of C&C for a couple of years now, but never heard of anyone local who played it. I was curious about the game and so picked up these books.

I was skimming through the books yesterday and I like how it blends some 3E systems (such as Ascending AC) with AD&D simplicity (Monster Stat blocks from 1E MM). The Players Handbook is 127 pages and the Monsters & Treasures book is 143 pages. Thin and light when compared to the monster-sized books Paizo puts out for Pathfinder.

Saving Throws are done differently and are based on the Attribute checks. With their SIEGE engine mechanic, you don't really need a skill system, just make a roll against an Attribute Score (which you determine at character creation as to whether it's a Primary or Secondary ) to determine the base target number before modifiers. Combat is easy, just roll 1d20, add your BtH (Base to Hit) bonus and attribute modifier (STR or DEX)and match or beat the defenders AC. There is also an interesting Encumberance system that I haven't seen done by anyone else, though it's possible there is a similar system out there I may be unaware of. The magic system is just like from AD&D, but the spell lists don't seem to be as long.

The Monsters & Treasures book is just like looking through the AD&D Monster Manual. The statblocks are basically the same. The artwork is in black & white and very well done. Some of the artwork is a spot-on depiction of the monsters we know, but a few were different from images I am familiar with. The Bulette, for example is a cross between an armadillo and a snapping turtle. An iteresting picture of the Mimic shows a bear-like creature, almost looks like a bear-skin rug coming to life and suprising a person coming out of a fireplace. Its interesting because the description of the mimic in the text is what we are all familiar with. The picture does not seem to match the text.

I would say this is a "Rules Lite" type of game. Not so Rules Lite as say, Sword & Wizardry, but definitely not Rules Heavy like Pathfinder. Overall, I like what I have seen, but will have to give it a more detailed read.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

4E Meltdown

Well, it seems that my idea to change the game from an ongoing story-based campaign to an episodic format wasn't the cup of tea most of my players wanted. So, for now the 4E game is over.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and in this case it has given me more time to work on Xhuul-related stuff.

My goal at some point is to playtest the Weirdlands of Xhuul at one our our local Hobby Days in Anaheim.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hot Naked Elf Chick from Xhuul

Ha! Fooled you. There are no elves in the Weirdlands of Xhuul. But we do have plenty of Pure Strain Human chicks and Mutant Human chicks that should be able to tickle your fancy.

So, what did you just stumble upon? This is a blog about role-playing games, in particular, Gamma World. Of course not your typical post-apocalyptic Gamma World setting, this takes place on a far off world called Xhuul. It is influenced by swords-and-sorcery and science-fantasy literature as well as "weird" fiction stories as those written by H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith.

*Image courtesy of City of Heroes MMO Costume Creator (with Nude Patch)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Many Irons in the Fire

Now that I have the Xhuul map done, I have been giving more thought about the setting and where I want to focus first. I started by reviewing some of my past blog posts and want to make a few changes. I'm going to be rewriting the entry on Hlatl, City of the Black Crater and focus on the desert area around it.

I'm also going to be making some random charts to fill out details of the various cities, towns and villages. I found some online resources which I will cannibalize to make this go faster. Also, I'll be working on some Random Wilderness Encounter Tables that will have events like Storms and Necrophagic Clouds etc., as well as mutant creatures, robots, and Lovecraftian beings. I have several Points of Interest on the Xhuul Map which I need to determine what those are as well as Monster Lairs.

I still have to work on the other Sorcerer spells and more mutant beasties.

So when I have these finished, I will post them here.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A New Sports Anthem?

I've been listening to The Black Keys' song "Howlin' For You" and it struck me as being somwhat similar to Garry Glitter's "Rock n Roll (Part 2)". Garry Glitter's song is played at alot of sporting events, but I can see "Howlin For You" as a worthy successor. I also recall a group called The Timelords back in the late 1980's that took Garry's song and added some effects and sound clips from Doctor Who made the song "Doctorin' The Tardis"

Of course the video for the Black Keys song is so totally kick-ass and they should release it as a full-length movie. Of course that didn't quite work out for "Machete" which was a trailer in the Grindhouse movies. But hey, I can dream.

And here is Gary Glitter's song. Too glam rock for my tastes.

And here is the Timelords song. Dig those low-rent Daleks! LOL.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wench Day

The Chainmail Bikini Edition!