Tuesday, March 15, 2011

AFLAC Duck Hit by Tsunami Wave

"Comedian" Gilbert Gottfried gets fired from insurance company AFLAC for his off-color "jokes" about the tsunami victims in Japan he posted on Twitter.

So my joke is:
What did Gilbert Gottfried say when he found out he was fired from AFLAC?



  1. One joke was something like:
    "My girlfriend just broke up with me, but I'm not upset. Another one will float by any minute."

  2. It seems that he is an idiot. Very good that he was fired.

  3. @Grendelwulf: Yeah I read that one. I heard that Gilbert was also the first person to make jokes regarding 9/11 as well. I wonder if he ever made jokes regarding the Holocaust?

  4. Good lord! Gilbert Gottfried made jokes that were in poor taste? Who would have seen THAT coming?

  5. @limpey: True, it shouldn't be suprising that he made jokes, but it doesn't make it acceptable.

  6. I guess whether or not it is acceptable is a good point --- I kind of wonder, however, why they hired someone like Gottfried (who has made his career saying tasteless things) if 'avoiding tasteless humor' was a part of the 'spokes-duck' job description. Surely he can't be the only one who can say, "Aflack!" and make it sound like an apopleptic duck on the verge of a melt down?
    There is bit in one of Lewis Black's sketches (another vulgar commedian) in which he described being asked to perform at the Whitehouse press club dinner but is told that he cannot use any 'bad words.' His first question was, "Have you seen my act?"