Monday, March 21, 2011

Interesting find this weekend

While searching the great Internet this weekend, I came across an image of Cthulhu emerging from the ocean, while a human looks on from a beach. I checked out the site from where the image originated and was amazed that the artist John Kenn, does all his art on Post-It notes.

His art reminds me of Gahan Wilson's work. And just as that artist, his stuff is creepy.

I finished with the details on the Physical Mutations list for Xhuul and started work on the Mental Mutations list. I've yoinked many powers I found on the web that did most of the work for me, I just wanted to compile them on my own list and make a few changes as needed. After that I will work on the Defects.

Oh banner for the Xhuul blog, just because.


  1. I've been following his site for a while now. I'd love to see an rpg based off of his art.

  2. wow! He's a hell of an artist. Very nice find. :)