Monday, March 7, 2011

Many Irons in the Fire

Now that I have the Xhuul map done, I have been giving more thought about the setting and where I want to focus first. I started by reviewing some of my past blog posts and want to make a few changes. I'm going to be rewriting the entry on Hlatl, City of the Black Crater and focus on the desert area around it.

I'm also going to be making some random charts to fill out details of the various cities, towns and villages. I found some online resources which I will cannibalize to make this go faster. Also, I'll be working on some Random Wilderness Encounter Tables that will have events like Storms and Necrophagic Clouds etc., as well as mutant creatures, robots, and Lovecraftian beings. I have several Points of Interest on the Xhuul Map which I need to determine what those are as well as Monster Lairs.

I still have to work on the other Sorcerer spells and more mutant beasties.

So when I have these finished, I will post them here.

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