Friday, March 4, 2011

A New Sports Anthem?

I've been listening to The Black Keys' song "Howlin' For You" and it struck me as being somwhat similar to Garry Glitter's "Rock n Roll (Part 2)". Garry Glitter's song is played at alot of sporting events, but I can see "Howlin For You" as a worthy successor. I also recall a group called The Timelords back in the late 1980's that took Garry's song and added some effects and sound clips from Doctor Who made the song "Doctorin' The Tardis"

Of course the video for the Black Keys song is so totally kick-ass and they should release it as a full-length movie. Of course that didn't quite work out for "Machete" which was a trailer in the Grindhouse movies. But hey, I can dream.

And here is Gary Glitter's song. Too glam rock for my tastes.

And here is the Timelords song. Dig those low-rent Daleks! LOL.

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