Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Table: Contents of a Groort's Digestive Cavity

I made up this random chart to help speed up what characters would find if they killed a Groort and sliced it open to find what was in it's digestive cavity. In lieu of the Treasure Type of the monster, I felt other things could be found that were undigested that were not necessarily treasure items.

Random Contents of a Groort's Digestive Cavity

Roll 2d4 to find out how many objects are found. Multiple results for the same item are added together (except for unique items marked with an "*")

For each object, check if undigested 01-50 (full value) or partially digested 51-100 (half value)

1d100    Object(s) Found
====    ======================
01-02    1d4 x100 copper pieces
03-04    1d4 x 100 silver pieces
05-06    1d4 x 100 gold pieces
07-08    1d2 x 10 platinum pieces
09-10    1d10 gems worth 10gp ea.
11-12    1d10 gems worth 25gp ea.
13-14    1d10 gems worth 50gp ea.
15-16    1d10 gems worth 100gp ea.
17-19    Crystal Vase worth 1d6 x10gp
20-22   Miniature figurine of a horse made of platinum and has
              ruby eyes worth 1d10x1000gp*
23-24    Gold Earrings worth 1d6 x10gp
25-26    Gold Statue of a Tentacled humanoid worth 1d12 x 100gp
27-28    Silver snuff Box worth 100gp
    29     The Golden Fleece*
    30     Stone Tablet with the 11th to 15th Commandments*
31-33    Copper Brazier
    34     Magic ring
35-37    1d100 lbs rocks
38-40    1d100 lbs coal
41-43    10-50 lbs iron ore
44-46    10-50 lbs copper ore
47-49    10-50 lbs silver ore
50-52    10-50 lbs gold ore
53-55    1d100 lbs granite
56-58    1d100 lbs dirt
    59     1-5 lbs mithral ore
    60     1-5 lbs adamantite ore
61-62    1d6 Iron swords
63-64    1d4 Suits of chainmail armor
65-66    1d2 Suits of plate armor
    67     Robot
68-69    Helmet, iron
70-73    10-200lbs of sand
    74     10-50 lbs of platinum ore
75-77    1d4 Shields
    78     Magic sword
    79     1d20 marbles
    80     Iron Cobra (from Fiend Folio, it's alive and angry)*
81-82    1d20 Iron arrowheads
83-84    1d20 Spearheads
85-86    1d6 Heavy Mace
87-88    1d4 Morningstar
    89     Magic Armor
90-91    20' of chain
92-93    Crowbar
    94     Laser Pistol*
    95     Energy Grenade*
96-00    NOTHING! (The Groort attacked because it was hungry)

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