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Artifacts are technological items of the Ancients that were in widespread use before the Great Cataclysm. Artifacts are usually found in the ruins of Ancient cities and complexes. When an artifact is found, roll to find it's Condition.

Artifact Condition Table

1d20 Roll   Condition
=======   =========
     1-6             Obviously Broken (No chance of Functioning)
     7-10           Poor (20% of Functioning)
     11-13          Fair (35% of Functioning)
     14-16         Good (50% of Functioning)
     17-18         Very Good (70% of Functioning)
     19-20        Excellent (100% of Functioning)

Figuring Out Artifacts

Unless someone who is already familiar with an artifact shows the character how it works, or if the character has witnessed someone else using it to determine it's function, the character must try to figure out an unfamiliar artifact's function and how it works.

It takes 10 minutes (1 Turn) for each attempt to figure out an Artifact. A character can try as many times he desires, taking an additional Turn.

The character must make an INT ability check, by rolling 1d20+character level+Attribute modifier+any modifier for mutations which must equal or exceed the Challenge Level.

The Challenge Level's base starting number depends on whether the character's INT is a Prime or Secondary attribute. If Prime, the base number is 12. If Secondary, the base number is 18. Some artifacts are easier to figure out than others. Each artifact is assigned Challenge Level based on it's complexity, or the DM can assign a number he feels is appropriate.

Artifact Complexity Table
Accelera Dose (10)
Anti-Grav Pods (15)
Anti-Grav Sled (20)
Atomic Energy Cell (4)
Binoculars (3)
Black Ray Pistol (10)*
Chemex Grenade (5)*
Chemical Energy Cells (4)
Control Baton (8)
Communications Sender (20)
Cur-In Dose (10)
Energized Armor (20)*
Energy Cell Charger (15)
Energy Cloak (16)
Energy Grenade (5)*
Energy Mace (8)*
Fragmentation Grenade (5)*
Fusion Rifle (10)*
Genetic Booster (10)
Glow Cube (3)
Hydrogen Energy Cell (4)
Inertia Armor (20)*
Laser Pistol (10)*
Laser Rifle (12)*
Mark V Blaster (10)*
Mark VII Blaster Rifle (12)*
Medi-Kit (18)
Mind Booster (10)
Needler Pistol (10)*
Pain Reducer (10)
Paralysis Rod (8)*
Photon Grenade (5)*
Poison Gas Grenade (5)*
Portent (6)
Powered Armor (any type) (20)*
Sheath Armor (6)
Solar Energy Cell (10)
Stim Dose (10)
Stun Grenade (5)*
Stun Ray Pistol (10)*
Stun Ray Rifle (12)*
Stun Whip (8)*
Sustenance Dose (10)
Tear Gas Grenade (5)*
Ultraviolet Goggles (5)
Vibro Blade (15)*
Vibro Dagger (15)*

*= If a Natural '1' is rolled on the INT check, this means an accident has happened while handling the artifact. Depending on the item, this can cause serious damage to the handler or someone standing nearby. DM will make the judgement based on the item and situation.

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