Friday, April 8, 2011


A Follower of the blog the other day. That kind of sucks. Probably didn't like my Wenchday post, because it was after that when I noticed they were gone. Well, I'm relatively new to the blogging thing and I am grateful to those who have been following me. I hope I can entertain and give something back to the community. My creativity comes and goes in spurts, and I wish I could post something everyday. I am trying to do so currently.

Thanks you for reading.


  1. Hey! You do a great job, really!

    If someone have problems with nice pictures, than Fuck! Let those bastards go! Don't cry a tear for them.

    It is not the amount of followers that counts. It is the quality of the thing you do. I've seen blogs with hunderts of followers and only boring posts and blogs with some follower, but the posts were great! Like yours!

    Greetz from Germany


  2. Thank you for blogging about Xhuul - I like your writings and ideas very much :-)
    About everyday blogging - try to make several texts one day - you may set date and hour of it's publication. At the moment I have 22 posts awaiting publication.

  3. Don't worry too much about losing a follower. I wrote a similar post about six months ago, and the advice I got was that followers come and go. After a brief plateau, my blog just continued to grow (in terms of followers and htis).

    But in the end, if you like what you're doing and you've gota core audience that agrees, that's all that matters.

  4. Thank you all. Funny, I now gained a Follower. Welcome!

  5. @Omlet: I currently have a list I am compiling of things I want to post about. They are rough ideas which I haven't thought about in too much detail yet. That is what takes up the most time, and then having to write it out. :)

  6. My list is still expanding - faster than I can post :D Currently it have ~100 entries...
    And most of them are rough ideas too :-)