Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Movie: Skyline

I watched the movie Skyline tonight. It had the potential of being a very good movie, but unfortunately, it fell short of that. There were alot of unanswered questions and the end of the movie was a letdown as it just ended without really resolving anything. I think the writers painted themselves into a corner and didn't know how to end the movie. They made the aliens nigh unstoppable and so they just ended the movie in a way that made me go "WTF?". It screams "Sequel" to me, but I'd be hard-pressed to be suckered into watching a sequel unless there was going to be a payoff of a decent ending that would make sense.

The CGI of the different types of alien creatures shown in the movie were very good. Each one had a different look and function, but most had the sole capability of capturing humans for harvesting purposes.

The prediliction of the aliens for human brains as a power source was interesting and that got me to thinking of an idea for a campaign using Mind Flayers as the "alien menace" that arrive on a D&D-like fantasy world as invaders in their Far-Realm Organitech Ships, send out their drones to collect humanoids and keep them penned up and used as slaves until the dinner bell rings for their Mind Flayer overlords. The PC's struggle to survive, by avoiding capture and trying to find a way to combat the invaders.


  1. Total agreement! The movies started good, but in the end it was so fuckin' stupid.
    But your idea for a campaign sounds really good. :D

  2. Back in the day, Dragon had a crazy awesome article on creatures that lived on the Mind Flayer home world. What made the article radical was the way it suggested that these creatures could be set loose upon a world to herald the arrival of a Mind Flayer invasionary force, just like concept from the Cthor ran novels from the 80s.