Monday, April 25, 2011

Traveller Musings

This week-end was one of those where I did practically nothing. I slept until almost noon and just surfed the internet, eating in-between. Time I should have spent working on finishing the power details for the Mental mutations for Xhuul, but instead, I was just a lazy-ass.

I watched all 14 episodes of Firefly on Hulu. It's a shame that this series was cancelled. Of course, when the show was first being aired, I did not watch it. I had heard about the concept of a "western in space" being the premise of the show and I just didn't "get it". Maybe alot of people had the same feeling and that is why it suffered poor ratings and was summarily cancelled. That is a shame, because it had potential and I was just getting into the characters.

A few years ago, I saw part of the movie Serenity, which I caught in the middle of. This was a follow-up to the TV series, when it came out on HBO. At that time, not really having seen series episodes, I was a bit lost and didn't know the characters. I do remember many of the characters dying in the movie, but now I need to refresh my memory of it. I have the movie ordered for rent on my queue on my Blockbuster account.

So, while I was watching Firefly this week-end, it dawned on me that a similar setting could be ideally played using the rules for Traveller. I know that there is a Serenity RPG, which uses rules similar to Savage Worlds, but I have never played it. I used to play Traveller a long time ago, and I had an extensive collection of rule-books published by GDW, FASA and a few other third-party publishers. But there came a time where I had to do some purging of my collection and I gave all my Traveller stuff to a friend of mine. Suprisingly, he still keeps it in the plastic file box I kept them in.

It seems there is a recent surge in sci-fi gaming in the blogosphere of late with the emergence of rules such as Terminal Space and Humanspace Empires. If I was to run a sci-fi game, it would be in a setting similar to the Firefly universe, with the western feel to it. And Traveller would be my ruleset of choice. I'll think more about this later and may whip something up to serve as inspiration.


  1. That Traveller comparison is one that has often been made and it's a good one, I think. Firefly's setting and the Imperium + Traveller's rules have so many similar elements. Good stuff all around. :)

  2. Traveller's tech is relatively low when compared to most sci-fi settings, and the use of traditional firearms far outweighs those of energy weapons. So a Firefly type setting I think fits in nicely with Traveller. I found out something interesting today about the Firefly "universe". Apparantly, the show exists in one very large star system with several dozen planets and several hundred small moons. I would guess that the planets they visited were relatively close to the central star as the brightness never changed from earth standard. Unless it was a binary system, but that wasn't mentioned.

  3. Firefly was indeed an awesome show that I never knew about until it had already been canceled. You may enjoy Cowboy Bebop as well, if you like anime.

    Serenity was decent but definitely felt different than the show.