Friday, April 15, 2011

Zhorh, the Isle of Madness

In the middle of the dark waters of the Aqogago Gulf lies the island of Zhorh. The island is essentially a giant piece of rock jutting from the ocean, some 30-45 miles in width, with sheer cliffs and no natural harbor or coves. The cliffs are about 500 feet high before they level out to a ledge are dotted with numerous caves, some with waterfalls pouring out of them.

Sailors call Zhorh, the Isle of Madness and give it a wide berth when sailing their vessels past the island. The reason being that the island has been known to beguile sailors who have sailed too close with an erapturing song that compels them to sail their vessels into rocks at the base of the cliffs. The song seems emanate from the many caves in the cliffs surrounding the island.

Since Zhorh has no natural harbor, getting access to the island is difficult. The waves that crash against the cliffs would easily smash any vessel that tried to manuever too close, and attempt a scaling of the cliffs by rope, assuming the crew had some protection from the maddening song. The many shipwrecks sprawled along the rocks can be seen at a distance and is a testament to the danger the island poses.

This has tempted many men to consider the risk for the lure of precious cargo or treasure within the cracked hulls of the wrecks. So far, no man has dared such a venture.

The caves are believed to be the lair of some monster or monsters that are the source of the song which beckons men to an early death and to be a meal for the creatures.

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