Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not Missing WoTC Website so much

Since my 4E campaign died (after wanting to change the game format to more episodic play than a continuous story format), many of the players were not interested and left. I looked for replacement players, but didn't have any luck, so I just abandoned the whole thing. That was 4 months ago and I haven't ran a game since.

When I was running the 4E game, I used to visit WoTC's website alot, but I haven't visited it for months. I've had my gripes with the ever-changing scope of their rules and errata, and I decided to play something with a different ruleset that is more stable and more old-school.

I went to WoTC's site the other day just out of curiosity and found that there was a new podcast. Lo and behold, the subject was about even further changes to classes, specifically the Cleric. Ugh. Can't these people just stop pissing around with their fucking game rules already?!? Give it a rest! How is anybody, especially a new player to the game, supposed to grok anything if the D&D developers and designers keep changing the rules every 15 minutes? I didn't even listen to the full podcast and turned it off in disgust. Now I know why I ditched 4E and went to Castles & Crusades.

Don't get me wrong. I like aspects of the 4E game and I wouldn't mind playing in a 4E game. But at this point the rules have changed so much and unless you have a DDI account (which I don't and have no plans to ever get one), I would be hard-pressed to make a character that would be considered "legal". It seems to me that WoTC does more to alienate their customers (or potential customers), with their schizophrenic marketing and merchandising skills.


  1. Changing the rules means, at some point, they have to publish more books, and at around $40 a pop, the will do anything they can to sell more books. 2e didn't solve any "issues" with 1e, likewise with 3e and 4e, they just want to sell more books.
    Why buy books from companies like WOTC if you can get "old school" rule sets for free?


  2. Its never good when the game is developed by neurotic rule-lawyers! I'm surprised they don't call their erratas an "update", or the sequel books (eg: PHB1, PHB2, PHB3) "service packs".

  3. @DaveL Selling books is okay. Selling books with rules printed in them that then get erratta'd to hell and back to the point of uselessness is FUBAR. Of course there has to come a point when one has to say to oneself "enough is enough" with needing or wanting to buy the same books again and again for the current edition (i.e. Manual of the Planes, Dieties and Demigods etc.,). Of course there are those people out there that will keep pressing the button like the trained hamsters they are to get their peanut.