Friday, May 27, 2011

Paizo and WizKids to make Pathfinder Pre-Painted Plastic Minis!!

Great news! Read the official press release. If all the new minis look as good as the one shown in the press release, Paizo will have me as a customer.

With the announcement made by WoTC last year about cancelling production of pre-painted plastic minis, I think it was only a matter of time before someone would pick up the ball and run with it. Let's face it, Paizo is a much better company that has good rapport with their customers and they put out great quality products. If there was anyone who I think could do the pre-painted plastic minis well, it's Paizo. I'm crossing my fingers that this venture with WizKids goes well and a truly awesome product is made. If so, I will lay down cash for their minis.


  1. What the hell must a executive meeting at Wizzo be like?

    Exec: "How's D&D?"

    Wizzo staffer: "Well, Paizo is selling our own game and is doing extremely well. They are even selling a paper magazine, which we don't and are selling pre-painted plastic minis, which we don't do either. Oh, we also get flamed constantly because no one knows which - if any - Essentials book they need to buy and they're not sure if they need the boxed set or the hardcovers."

    Exec: "FML."

  2. LOL I hope the actual models look good. Well I guess they like making openings for third parties.

  3. It's like one of those horror stories, where a doppelganger steals someone's identity, piece by piece. I must admit, I'm rooting for the monster, though.

  4. @christian: I had to look up what "FML" stood for on Google. Sorry, not 100% fluent on everthing in the Urban Dictionary. LOL :)

  5. Holy smokes, that mini looks great. I just KNEW Paizo would see the benefit in pre-painted minis. It sure does save me a lot of time... Paizo kicks you-know-what all over WOTC these days.

  6. I'm not currently buying miniatures, but am so glad to hear that they are not going with that 'randomized collection' bullshit. When I was a youngster and minis were still made of metal and sold in stores you could walk in and look for the mini you wanted and just buy the freaking thing if they had it.