Tuesday, May 17, 2011

World of Thool Rises Again?

Strangely, the old World of Thool blog has reappeared. This was Scott's (of Huge Ruined Pile fame) old blog from around 2009. I think with the hiccups that Blogger has been having lately, it has burped up part of the blog from the electronic aether.

Scott transferred alot of his blog posts from that blog to a wiki site. Really cool stuff. I think he was going to repurpose some of the material for his game setting, and I recall he was going to maybe work on re-organizing the wiki site and maybe add some new material. I haven't seen anything new regarding Thool posted on Huge Ruined Pile, so I'm sure this was forgotten about. Scott was working on his Thool wiki some time ago, and I think he flipped a switch somewhere as the wiki isn't accessible currently.

Would be cool if the wiki was viewable again, to give those not familiar with his work an enjoyable read.


  1. Hmm. It's weird that it popped back up, as it's not showing in my blogger dashboard. I have no problem with it being there, it's just odd.

    I still mess with the Thool stuff off and on, just haven't had much time for it lately. It seems about once a year I do some work on it for a month or two and then chase some other shiny thing.

  2. That's cool. I never removed Thool from my dashboard in the vain hopes that one day it would be revived. One can always dream.