Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reset Button

I've decided to hit the "Reset Button" on the Xhuul setting and map. I'm ditching the large map I made, and go with something smaller and a little more sandboxy. I was feeling compelled to detail alot of things on the large map even though most likely alot of it would never be used. So, instead of wasting time and energy on that, I'm working on a small map of 15 x 15 hexes in Hexographer. I feel this will be easier to manage.

As for the setting itself, I'm going to be dialing down the "weird and science" elements and upping the "fantasy" elements more. Yes, there will still be mutants, but I also wanted to use some races such as bullywugs and gnolls; and more terrestrial creatures like giant frogs and dire wolves. I'm also throwing in some dinosaurs too. I will use the monsters featured in the Xhuul Bestiary posts on this blog. Lovecraftian themes and general Yog-Sothery will still be used.

I've been editing down the list of mutation powers to keep things on an even keel. I've removed over-the-top powers such as Planar Travel, Temporal Fugue and Time Manipulation. I want mutants, just not the X-Men.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Idea: Traveller-style UPP for Fantasy Cities

I thought of an idea to use a Traveller-style UPP (Universal Planetary Profile) for cities in fantasy games. This way, at a glance you can get general information about a city, such as population, government, law level, etc., I don't have this all figured out as this is just a rough idea. I'm sure someone has done something like this already, if so, I would be interested in looking at it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Mini-Con

This Sunday is a small "mini-con" at a local gaming store. There are 6 events/games happening. I signed up for the "Dungeon Crawl Classics" game. I attended last year to playtest a DCC game that Joseph Goodman ran. Also playing in the same game was Cyclopeatron, who had a extensive review he posted on his blog. It was a good time and we succeeded in the adventure in record time. I remember that I played a Thief whose background was a gravedigger and ran around with a shovel. He didn't survive past the first encounter unfortunately. But there were plenty of spare characters in the party, as some players were playing two characters. I think Joseph Goodman encouraged this as attrition was expected to be high. The climax of the adventure was something right out of a movie and it was exciting and we won!

Monday, June 20, 2011

So, What Did You Get on Free RPG Day?

This past Saturday was Free RPG Day. I went down to my FLGS, "Brookhurst Hobbies", not necessarily to score free swag, as I saw what was on the list this year and nothing really grabbed me. I did purchase Paizo's "The Inner Sea World Guide" Pathfinder book. It has alot of nice artwork and some cool material within, and a poster size map of the Inner Sea region. I sometimes buy such books just to mine ideas from.

So did YOU get any of the free stuff?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mythos Car Decor

A friend of mine made these awesome Miskatonic University Licence Plate frames. He operated the website, which sadly is no longer up on the web. And he made some really cool Mythos props, such as a Migo Brain Box, and few pages from a Mythos tome (presumably from the Necronomicon). Unfortunately he passed away about a year ago from cancer. Every time I look at my licence plate, I think of him. He was truly a H.P. Lovecraft fan and a very inventive and creative person.

Thinking about the license plate frame, I thought it would be cool to make a bumper sticker out of a common phrase I see on other licence plate frames which read "My Other Car Is A...(fill in the blank)".

Below is my contribution to the Mythos and car decor.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome to the Honeycomb Hideout

About a month ago there was a bee swarm in my backyard. Looking out my bedroom window, I noticed a large clump of bees hanging from a small tree that grows along the side of the house. Thinking that it was a hive, I called a Bee Removal company and the man I spoke with said that they would most likely move on within 72 hours after the scouts found a place to build a nest. The clump I saw was actually just a bunch of bees surrounding the queen. Sure enough, I looked out the window a few hours later and all the bees were gone.

A week later, my gardener left me a note on his bill saying there are alot of bees in the back yard. So I went out to the spot he indicated and noticed alot of bee activity at the back of the yard where alot of ice plant was grown over some railroad ties that forms a retaining wall. I guessed that the bees might have made a nest behind the railroad ties, but didn't want to risk getting myself stung just to confirm it.

I had some work that needed to get done in the back yard and a active bee's nest was going to prove a problem. So I called a company to come and check it out. Sure enough there was a nest there. The technician sprayed the area and we made arrangements to get the nest removed, which will be next week. This isn't a cheap service and now I hate bees with the fury of a thousand burning suns!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes Miniatures Set Pre-Ordered

I pre-ordered the Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes Miniatures Set which will be shipped in October 2011. The details on these minatures are just amazing. I need to find out if all the miniatures that WizKids will be releasing under the licence from Paizo will only be of the "iconic" characters in the rulebooks or if they also plan to produce monster type minis as well.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Traveller Starship Deck Plans...Why Do They Always Appear to Be Wrong?

I have been reading through my Mongoose Traveller PDF and was hoping that their version would simplify the starship design process, especially the part about actually making the deck plans. You would think that after all these years and in the latest iteration of the classic rules that Mongoose would have made improvements (such as dumping the 'displacemnt Tonnage' apect of starship design and maps or at least provide a step bt step example of making deck plans that are accurate.

In reviewing some of the deck plans in the book, something just doesn't seem right. For example, in the Type S class Scout, there are 4 staterooms. According to the ship design sheet, each stateroom takes up 4 tons of space. Looking at the map, it's clearly only 3 tons. Other areas of the ship also don't add up according to the design sheet and the deck plans.

This has been the thing that has always bothered me about Traveller. Their over-reliance on math and yet their math never adds up. Now, math isn't my strong suite, but even I can grok this basic stuff and I lose respect for the game if the designers themselves can't get it right. I start to question everything about the game at that point.