Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes Miniatures Set Pre-Ordered

I pre-ordered the Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes Miniatures Set which will be shipped in October 2011. The details on these minatures are just amazing. I need to find out if all the miniatures that WizKids will be releasing under the licence from Paizo will only be of the "iconic" characters in the rulebooks or if they also plan to produce monster type minis as well.


  1. I really hope they develop an entire line!

  2. I have heard on the Paizo boards, that if these are successful they plan to release more. I don't know what that "more" consists of, but that's all I've heard so far.
    I've already pre-ordered mine.

  3. They do look awesome, don't they. Man I hope the real ones look that good.