Monday, June 20, 2011

So, What Did You Get on Free RPG Day?

This past Saturday was Free RPG Day. I went down to my FLGS, "Brookhurst Hobbies", not necessarily to score free swag, as I saw what was on the list this year and nothing really grabbed me. I did purchase Paizo's "The Inner Sea World Guide" Pathfinder book. It has alot of nice artwork and some cool material within, and a poster size map of the Inner Sea region. I sometimes buy such books just to mine ideas from.

So did YOU get any of the free stuff?


  1. I got the free Dungeon Crawl Classics module and bought some Koplow blank dice.

  2. I got the Inner Sea Guide back when it game out, I love that book. I'm torn between the Eberron CS and the Inner Sea Guide for my favorite setting book.
    I didn't get to go out for FRPG Day, but I managed to get the Patfinder Module We Be Goblins. I did get to run a Pathfinder home game on Sat. and I three new(to me at least) 2nd edition AD&D books for Father's Day. So it was a good weekend.