Monday, August 29, 2011

Superheroes Minis Hack pt. 2

Below are some pics of what I have worked on so far. I haven't done the final matte finish on any of the minis yet. Apologies for some of the darkness in the pics.

This mini is Diamond Lil, originally from Omega Flight from Marvel Comics.

Here is another angle of Diamond Lil.

This mini was from the Horrorclix line. It is a Succubus. Not a very sexy Succubus, of which the picture of the Succubus in the 1st Edition Monster Manual is how I measure Succubi Hotness. :)

This mini I'm going to use for my Monk character in a Pathfinder game. I think this is one of the best action monk minis I've seen to date. I still need to finish painting the base before the matte finish goes on.

Here is an example of the textured base I mentioned in the previous post. This is the original color before using primer and painting or decorating.

This is what one of the bases look like after I trimmed it down with an exacto-knife. It's much smoother when compared to the image above.

This is a mini of Firestar (aka Angelica Jones) most famously known from the old cartoon Spiderman and his Amazing Friends. This is a flying mini that is usually placed atop a clear plastic peg on the original Heroclix base. What I did was drill a small hole into the base and wedged the peg at the end of her foot into it. I may just keep the base the way it is. Or I might do something where it looks like it's been scortched by her flame powers.

This was another flying flame-powered mini. I don't recognize the character, could be a DC villain. Anyway, the angle of the pose made it perfect to drill a hole in the base and make him look like he's on the ground, ready to fire a flame blast.

Here are more ready for the new base assembly-line. See if you can guess who they all are. A few may be difficult based on the angle of the pic.

Superhero Minis Hack

I've been thinking about wanting to run a superhero game and have been reading the rulebook for Mystery Men! I figured I would need some superhero minis, so I found a website called Miniature Market, where I purchased around 40 Heroclix minis which were relatively cheap.

The thing is, Heroclix minis have this very large base with the dial-thingy built into it. I don't want that, so I went to my FLGS to pick up some new bases. They didn't have any round bases that were plain flat. They did have ones that had a magnetic base, but I didn't want those. The guy in the store helped me out and pointed out that they did have some resin bases for 25mm minis, but they were pre-textured. I browsed through them and picked up the ones that had a rock-like shale texture on them, enough to re-base all my Heroclix. I also picked up some flocking material from Gale Force 9 for the bases to help blend/cover up where I was going to mount the Heroclix minis to the new bases.

After a little trial and error, I found that using a box-cutter/exacto-blade and just shearing away the bottom of the feet from the Heroclix base was easier than using scissors to hack away the base and using a metal file to whittle away the excess, which was a very slow process. Since I never did anything like this before and I'm not a particulary "crafty" person, I was digging learning this new technique.

The pre-textured resin bases needed to be flattened out a bit and the exacto-blade worked well in shaving away layers of raised texture. With a little primer and letting that dry, I painted the bases and used the flocking material and glued the minis on the new bases, suitable for a 1" square grid.

My one question I would pose to any minis afficiandos out there is: What is the techniue/process to keep the flocking and/or grit used on a base from falling/rubbed off? Is there a spray sealant that one uses to protect this? Recommendations?

I'll post some pics later of the few I got done.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Now THAT's a big Diamond!

Ripped straight from the news, this article about a planet made of diamond orbiting a neutron star. Now that's a treasure any band of greedy adventurers in a Traveller or Spelljammer game would love to get their hands on. Of course such a prize shouldn't be easy to get, considering the game-breaking wealth it implies. Such a treasure should be guarded by a celestial kraken or a greedy megacorp that has got there first.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yeah it's my birthday. I got a Barnes & Noble gift card which I can use to get a gaming book at some point, though I can't think of one I want right now. My brother got me the first SAW movie. He always seems to get me a DVD movie out of left field. I have already seen the movie years ago, but its not one that has alot of re-watch potential as like maybe Star Wars: A New Hope does.

The only game-related gift was one I ordered online and concidentally arrived today on my birthday. I ordered about 39 Hero-clix minis for a Mystery Men! game I want to run at the next Hobby Day. More on that later in another post.

Monday, August 22, 2011

We don't need no stinkin' badge(rs)!!

So there's these new badges going around for DMs to showcase their playstyle. And it immediately made me think of this:

Shame, the dude got cut off, just 1/10 of a second more.

And this from UHF.

And so this led to the Badger Song.

And some kind of sequel video of the Badger Song. The animation in this video is very good.

Yeah, stream of conciousness posting. :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reading Mystery Men!

I downloaded Mystery Men!, a free superhero RPG over at Land of Nod. I read a review of the game over here and decided to give it a read. This is a nice, rules-light style of game and is very familiar with regards to stats (D&D anyone?). You can run any style or power-level of super-heroics. It lacks the super customability of Champions, but given the complex nature of that game and the utter crawl of combat, I find that Mystery Men! will perform better. I do get the sense that it will require a bit more imagination and adjudication from the GM's (err...Master Mind's) part, but isn't that the spirit of old school gaming? Rulings and not Rules?

I made a character based on my character I play in the Online game City of Heroes, a Fiery Aura/Super Strength Tanker. I used the superheroic range of starting points (50,000) to build my hero. This is only a close approximation as it would be way expensive to create every power my character has in the online game.

Candie Firestar
Level 6 Adventurer
STR: 14, DEX: 6, CON: 10, INT: 2, WIL: 1, CHA: 2
HP: 45
DC: 15

Attack Bonus: +9, Damage Bonus: +4, Range Attack Bonus: +1
Powers: Super STR +10, Super CON +5, Invulnerability III, Flame Body, Endure Elements, Jump +20

Background:Candice (Candie) O'Shea was born into a wealthy family of Irish ancestry. Her father is an inventor and engineer of a revolutionary source of power that is basically a miniature sun. During a test, the electromagnetic fields that kept the superheated ball of plasma contained experienced a malfunction and began to destabilize. Candie was present during the test. As the EM field collapsed, Candie's dormant mutant genes imprinted themselves on the forces unleashed. Candie asborbed the rapidly expanding fireball into her body. Another side effect of her mutant powers was increased super strength, presumably due to the gravitic forces also unleashed. Candie was sent away to a special school to help deal with her powers. This is the Nukem High School for Girls. In the meantime, Candie does her homework, talks about boys, learns more about her new powers, fights crime, talks about boys, does makeovers, goes to the mall, and talks about boys.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Registered at SoCal Smackdown 2011

So, I registered for a one-day pass for SoCal Smackdown 2011, a gaming covention happening over Labor Day weekend. This is the convention's 2nd year and the good thing about it is that it's close by in Anaheim. This convention has sparked alot of debate and nerdrage because there is another covention happening the same weekend in Los Angeles (Strategicon?). The big gripe is that this upstart convention is drawing away gamers who would have attended the one in L.A. Whatever. I'll attend a venue that's closer to my backyard.

I signed up for a 1st Edition D&D game that is supposed to be a prequel to Tegel Manor. I have never played in the original Tegel Manor and never heard any stories about it to give away any spoilers, so it will be fresh and new to me.

I was going to sign up to play some DDM minis games, but found out that was going to cost an extra $4.00 per event to play. So, I'll pass.

I will admit, the event list looks really sparse. Maybe these are just the left-overs for late registration? Maybe alot of events are filled from those who pre-registered? I hope there is some other open gaming that I can get in on besides the event I signed up for.

I haven't been to a con in like forever, and I wanted to see what this newcomer had to offer.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tron Girl

I found this today while surfing the web. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ooh Ooh!! More on Pathfinder Pre-painted Plastic Minis!!

The new line of Pathfinder minis is being called Pathfinder Battles: Heroes & Monsters.

The press release is HERE.

The minis look fucking awesome. The down side is that they will be in randomized packs. But I can let that slide given the quality I am seeing here.

Dark Sun

I purchased the Dark Sun campaign boxed set for AD&D 2nd Edition from eBay the other day. It's currently making it's way through the postal system to me. I remember making a character for Dark Sun back in the day when it first came out. I think many of us at the time were tired of the high fantasy, Tolkien-influenced D&D and wanted to try out this grim setting. I can only recall making a character for the game, a half-giant gladiator, but do not recall any specifics on any adventures. Whether that is a failing of my aging brain or the dubiousness of the quality of the adventure I do not know.

What got me interested in picking up the Dark Sun boxed set was influenced by watching DVDs of the cable series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand". It's an awesome series, with bloody combats, sex and political intrigue. There's a little too much "man-meat" bantied about for my taste, but it's equally countered by gratuitious boobies, so I can deal. I think it would be cool if a Dark Sun game could be ran in a similar fashion (sans nudity), with all the goings on, double-dealing and quests for power, money and fame.

If there is any setting that screams "Sword & Sorcery", Dark Sun is definitely it and I can see why it was so popular. I actually never owned the box set, so this will be a "new" acquisition. I did buy the 4E Dark Sun rulebook (when I was still playing 4E), and it was nicely done as far as production values and art are concerned, but I think it dropped the ball on how it dealt with Defiling magic. It was too softball and the mechanic they presented was weak. Defiling magic is supposed to have a hardcore effect on the environment. 4E's treatment was lame. I've since distanced myself from 4E as I'm just not interested in trying to keep up with the rules changes and making characters on software that I need to subscribe to. I'm going back to the older systems when things made sense.