Monday, August 29, 2011

Superhero Minis Hack

I've been thinking about wanting to run a superhero game and have been reading the rulebook for Mystery Men! I figured I would need some superhero minis, so I found a website called Miniature Market, where I purchased around 40 Heroclix minis which were relatively cheap.

The thing is, Heroclix minis have this very large base with the dial-thingy built into it. I don't want that, so I went to my FLGS to pick up some new bases. They didn't have any round bases that were plain flat. They did have ones that had a magnetic base, but I didn't want those. The guy in the store helped me out and pointed out that they did have some resin bases for 25mm minis, but they were pre-textured. I browsed through them and picked up the ones that had a rock-like shale texture on them, enough to re-base all my Heroclix. I also picked up some flocking material from Gale Force 9 for the bases to help blend/cover up where I was going to mount the Heroclix minis to the new bases.

After a little trial and error, I found that using a box-cutter/exacto-blade and just shearing away the bottom of the feet from the Heroclix base was easier than using scissors to hack away the base and using a metal file to whittle away the excess, which was a very slow process. Since I never did anything like this before and I'm not a particulary "crafty" person, I was digging learning this new technique.

The pre-textured resin bases needed to be flattened out a bit and the exacto-blade worked well in shaving away layers of raised texture. With a little primer and letting that dry, I painted the bases and used the flocking material and glued the minis on the new bases, suitable for a 1" square grid.

My one question I would pose to any minis afficiandos out there is: What is the techniue/process to keep the flocking and/or grit used on a base from falling/rubbed off? Is there a spray sealant that one uses to protect this? Recommendations?

I'll post some pics later of the few I got done.


  1. For my basing, I mix up a mixture of water and PVC glue (Elmer's, etc.)--typically a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio. I brush that on the base using a disposable paintbrush.
    Then you put a bit of your basing material in another container--the bottlecaps for large mouth soda bottles, or "vitamin water" bottles work well--basically anything that will fit around your new base. Dip in your mini, base-first, and swish around, coating the base in the material.
    Remove, and tap gently to remove any extra hangers-on, then allow to dry overnight.
    I will often add another coat of watered-down PVC glue, or even some matte clear-coat spraypaint as a sealant.
    Good luck! I want to see some pictures!

  2. @Boric G: Thanks for the tips. I used a paintbrush with the watered-down Elmers glue on the base already, as was suggested by the guy in my FLGS. I will use the matte sealant spray to protect the finished base.

  3. I was gonna say, just spray your protective coating on on the mini, and that should hold the flocking in place.