Monday, September 26, 2011

The Dungeon Masters

I watched a documentary this weekend on called The Dungeon Masters. It's basically focused on 3 individuals who are DM's of D&D and their lives. It seems to me, the makers of the documentary selected these people who are examples of the extreme stereotype of D&D players and DM's. Obviously, they selected these people to portray gamers as oddballs and losers. Sadly, anyone with no knowledge of D&D will come away with a similar viewpoint after watching this documentary.

Has anyone else watched this? And what is your opinion of it?


  1. I saw it (and reviewed it) earlier this year and came to pretty much the same conclusion:

  2. I saw it. It was interesting, but in decades of gaming, I don't think I ever played with anyone as sadly freakish as the three subjects of this film.

  3. @Sir Timothy: Nice review. I remember the part when the drow-wannabe girl mentioned that all D&D players played WoW. I immediately shouted "Not me!"

    @Robo: Agreed. I spent more in horror and disgust at the deplorable living condtions of these 3 slobs. They should be candidates for an episode of 'Hoarders'.

  4. There needs to be a reasonable/realistic documentary done about role-players.


    ;) So, yeah. I agree, they should make one that wasn't slanted against gamers.