Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Good Day

I knew everything was going to go well today. It started with thunder, lightning and rain! Overcast skies meant it wasn't going to be the typical oven-baked temperatures we have been suffering. Yay!

I went to the Hobby Day in Anaheim where we had our first session of a Pathfinder campaign. Our intrepid party (consisting of: Half-Orc Fighter, Dwarf Rogue, Elf Ranger, Human Fighter, Half-Elf Sorceress, and Dwarf Cleric) answered the call to help out a hamlet that was being harrassed by goblins. On the way there, we encountered a band of goblins attacking some wagons and killing elves. We wasted them promptly (the goblins that is, not the elves...) and found a halfling merchant cowering under an overturned wagon. We assisted two of the fallen elves, who were the guards hired by the halfling and prevented them from dying. The halfling promised us "store credit" at her shop in the hamlet of Barrow's Edge which is where we were going. So, we uprighted the wagons. My ranger tracked down the horse that ran away and brought it back to the wagons so we could get the halfling's goods safely to her shop.

A few hours later, we were attacked again on the narrow road that wound its way through the forest. This time by a goblin druid and his two rapid dogs. The druid got the drop on us and cast an Entangle spell near the wagons. A few of us were on foot behind the wagons, so we weren't caught in the spell's area of effect. The dogs attacked us and one managed to bite the dwarf rogue in the shoulder. We quickly killed the dogs and goblin druid and we found a scroll, two wands and 10pp and 10gp on the bugger. That is the richest goblin I have ever encountered.

We make it to the hamlet towards evening and after settling in at the local Inn, we learn that the goblins had been disrupting trade in and out of the hamlet. As the place has no militia or any defenses, these people were in dire need of help. There was the beginnings of a wooden wall being constructed, but completion would not be expected for another year. We spent the evening talking to the locals and the more prominant citizens. We learned that a few villagers went out looking for the goblins, but never returned. One of those villagers was the husband of the woman who ran the Inn. She asked us to find her husband and if possible, return to her the wedding ring he wore. In return, she would give us a family heirloom, a sword.

A local dwarf who is a money-lender told us that he had reason to believe that the goblin raids were just the prelude to attacking the village and did not want that to happen. He said he would reward us with 500 gp if we would deal with the goblin menace and could show proof that the goblins would never trouble the village again. We debated what constituted as "proof", but it was sort of left up to us to figure that out. I suggested collecting goblin heads.

The following day, we travelled back to where we encountered the goblin druid and his mangy mutts and looked for tracks to see if they would lead us back to the goblin lair. My ranger was having a hard time locating any tracks (really sucky dice rolls), but the human fighter managed to spot some and soon we were off on the hunt. The tracks led to forested hills were finally the forest ended and there was a sloping field of tall grass with a dirt trail leading through it to a small cave in a hill. A few noticed 2 Goblins and a dog just inside the mouth of the cave. The Dwarf Rogue and Elf Ranger used stealth is crawl slowly through the tall grass to get into position to suprise attack the guards. The dog seemed to become aware of the Elf Ranger's scent, but had become alerted and did not attack. The elf saw this as the best oppurtunity to take out the dog, and fired an arrow at it with his bow. His shot only wounded the animal. Meanwhile, the human fighter ran from the treeline up the the mouth of the cave to engage one of the goblins. The other goblin turned and ran deeper into the cave.

The dog and goblin were quickly slain, but soon 5 more goblins armed with bows arrived. There was a pitched battle inside the cave which was joined a round later by a Bugbear and another goblin. The Half Orc killed the Bugbear with a critical hit and used his Cleave feat and took out the goblin that was next to him. The Elf Ranger took out two more goblins with arrows and the human fighter killed another goblin with his sword. Two remaining goblins ran away towards a wood door that the Bugbear and goblin emerged from and slammed it behind them.

That was the end of the first session. Nobody in the party died, so thats always a good thing.

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