Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's too Damn Hot!

The last few days here in Southern California haven seen temps in the 90's. It's great weather if you're a Baked Fucking Potato! I really hope things cool down dramatically before this Saturday's Hobby Day in Anaheim. Since the gaming hall doesn't have air-conditioning, it can be a real drag when you are uncomfortably hot and sweaty. Regardless, I'll be playing a 1st level Elf Ranger as it's a new campaign and we are all first level schlubs.

I was searching for an image online to use on my character sheet. Searching Google, I found there was a preponderance of FEMALE elven ranger pictures, but hardly any good ones of male elves. I guess it just proves the fact that what people are looking for are Hot Elf Chicks.

Speaking of Pathfinder, I purchased the Hero Lab software and downloaded the Pathfinder rules for it. I find that with crunchy systems such as PF, I'm always overlooking something, like an extra skill point I'm entitled too or somesuch. A nice little program such as this reminds you of such stuff so you aren't cheating or screwing yourself.


  1. Over here in the Accursed Midwest, the temperatures collapsed to a morale-crushingly low 66 degrees farenheit, and I am NOT happy. It was 101 last week! What the hell?!

    There are only two things that I know of which I actively hate. Fall is one of them.

  2. Well, looks like things are cooling down. According to the forecast, it will be Sunny and 81F tomorrow and Partly Cloudy and 76F on Saturday. Makes me happy.

  3. Hey, come visit Texas. We've finally cooled down 10-15 degress and it's only in the 90's now. Plus the wildfires aren't TOO pervasive. Plus plus, every public building in Texas has air conditioning.

    And Hero Lab is a very cool program. I wish it handled Champions.

  4. We do have our share of wildfires from time to time. I'll stick with mid-to-upper 70's thank you very much. :)