Monday, September 5, 2011

[Mystery Men!] Gun Spectre

REAL NAME: Unknown
CLASS: Adventurer

STR: 5 (+1)
INT: 4 (+1)
WIL: 3 (+0)
DEX: 6 (+1)
CON: 2 (+0)
CHA: 4 (+1)

HP: 18
DC: 11, 13 (Light Armor)
ATT BONUS:+4 (Range), +4 (Melee)

POWERS: Weapon Master (Handgun), Catfall, Scare, Invisibility, Super DEX +5, Jump (Rocket Pack: DC:16 HP:3), Darkvision (Mask: DC:10, HP: 10)

GEAR: Light Armor (+2 DC), 2 Handguns (2d6)

BACKGROUND: Who is the hero that haunts the nightmares of evil men? Only the Gun Spectre knows. A mysterious hero from the Golden Age of crime-fighting, the Gun Spectre deals out justice with his twin automatic pistols and strange powers.


  1. Man...alla these Mystery Men posts make me wanna sit down and read the dang thing. Only so many hours in th' day!

  2. @Dr Rotwang!: Make some time. It's well worth the read.

    @Matt: Thanks. You should see Gun Spectre in action in the City of Heroes MMORPG. His Primary Power is Dual Pistols with Mental Attack powers as a secondary. It would be too expensive to translate him fully into MM! as I try to build the heroes on 50,000xp budget. I distilled him down to his essential pulpiness.