Friday, September 9, 2011

[Mystery Men!] Rex Havoc

This is a character from an old Champions campaign I played in many years ago. The premise of the campaign was that each of the player's characters was a teenage metahuman and we were all in a special school called Mt. Greylock Academy, that also had normal kids attending. Much of the faculty were also powerful metahumans, who taught mundane classes but also helped to train us in our powers. We had to keep our powers secret from the normal kids in the school. There was a "rival" school called Sentinel Academy which also had their own metahuman students, but these kids were evil and they hunted and abducted young mutants into their school. It was very much like the old Marvel comic New Mutants and their struggles against the Hellions. It was a cool game and I played the asshole of the group. My inspiration was Judd Nelson's character from the movie The Breakfast Club. There was awesome roleplaying between the PCs and NPCs with the typical teen-age angst that goes along with high school drama.

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