Monday, September 5, 2011

[Mystery Men!] Pink Isotope

REAL NAME: Kaitlyn Banks
CLASS: Adventurer

STR: 4 (+1)
INT: 5 (+1)
WIL: 7 (+2)
DEX: 11 (+3)
CON: 2 (+0)
CHA: 6 (+1)

HP: 20
DC: 13
ATT BONUS:+7 (Range), +5 (Melee)
SPEED: 2, 4 (Flying)

POWERS: Energy Blast (Neutrino Beam) 5d6, Energy Cone (Psychic Scream) 5d6, Fly, Super DEX +5, Super WIL +5

BACKGROUND: On her 14th birthday, Kaitlin Banks received a chemistry set from her father. Kaitlin was always interested in science as a child, namely due to the influence of her father, who is an engineer at the Terra Volta Reactor. Her first expirement caused an unstable reaction and the beaker shattered, sending a cloud of pink vapors into the air, which caused Kaitlin's hair to turn permanently pink. Unbeknownst to her at the time, the isotopes in the vapors also unlocked potential psionic powers. Then one day, Kaitlin's father took her to the Terra Volta Reactor on a 'Take Your Daughter to Work Day'. An attack by Sky Raiders while she was there exposed Kaitlin to the reactor core. Her dormant psionic powers triggered and she was also able to absorb and control the radiation, thus saving the engineers from exposure. Some heroes showed up to save the reactor from the Raiders. At this point Kaitlin's father enrolled her into the Nukem High School for Girls so she could learn her powers.

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