Friday, September 2, 2011

This Weekend

This coming Satuday, I'm supposed to go to SoCal Smackdown 2011, a small local game convention in Anaheim. I purchased a one-day pass and signed up for a OD&D game set in a prequel to Tegel Manor.

Those plans may be nixxed since I had taken my dog into the Vet this morning for them to do a biopsy on a suspicious lump under his throat. He had a large goiter a few weeks ago, which has gone away, but this lump has me worried. Depending on how the proceedure went, I won't know until I pick up my dog from the Vet later this afternoon if he will be okay to be left alone at home on Saturday.

If I have to cancel my plans, I guess I will continue the work on re-basing my superhero minis.

1 comment:

  1. From my experience as the owner of a lumpy dog, it might just be a mass of fatty tissue that is nothing to worry about. Dogs store fat in weird places sometimes.

    I wish you and your furry friend the best of luck!