Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gamma World and D&D Monsters

Flipping through my 2nd Edition Gamma World book, its interesting how some creatures/mutants in the GW book are roughly analogs of D&D Monsters.

Arks = Gnolls
Badders = Bugbears
Hawkoids = Aarakocra
Lil = Sprites/Pixies
Orlens = Ettins
Seps = Bullete
Sleeths = Lizard Men
Squeekers = Giant Rats
Wardents = Dwarves

Admittedly, this list isn't very long, but it's pretty obvious that they have their origins in the Monster Manual(s).

The picture to the right is the Orlens, as drawn I believe by Jeff Easley in the 2nd edition GW book. They look like Native Americans, with two-heads and two sets of arms. I would re-envision them as something more twisted. Not all would look like the perfectly functional, handsome couple of Apache Chief and his Squaw as seen in this picture.

It would be something more like these inspirational images from HERE


  1. And there's the most obvious of all: kamodos and dragons.

    And thanks for that link. That art is inspirational, and gives off a Mutant Epoch vibe.

  2. IIRC Omega World (Polyhedron #153) had a less pleasant version of the Orlen in it.

  3. Yeah, I noticed it too, but I never make a list. I have one to add:

    Obb = Eyewing

    I also find that many of the odd creators found in the Fiend Folio and Palaces of the Silver Princess ("Sit Ubue, sit! Good boy... er... Girl... And boy?!") make for some great GW mutants. Oh and by the way, many of the mutant creatures introduced in 2nd Edition Gamma World where rehashed from 1st Edition Metamorphosis Alpha.

  4. @Jeff: I found that issue of Polyhedron online. The Orlen in that issue does look musch different from the 2nd Edition version and would fit right in with the inspirational images.