Monday, December 26, 2011

Xhuul Bestiary: Navoor


SIZE: Large
HD: 4 (d8)
MOVE: 50ft
AC: 13
ATTACKS: Beak 1d10, Tail Whip 1d8
SPECIAL: Immune to blunt weapon attacks, parasites
INT: Animal
TYPE: Animal
XP: 60 + 4/hp

Navoors are large creatures standing at 8ft tall. They have a bird-like head and a body covered in black feathers. Their four legs are bird-like talons. They have a long black whip-like tail.

Navoors attack with their sharp beak, doing 1d10 piercing damage. They can also make a secondary attack at either the same target or another target with their long whip-like tail for 1d8 slashing damage.

Navoors have a rubber-like bone structure which absorbs hard impacts, and as such, they do not suffer any damage from blunt weapon attacks.

Navoors have a keen sense of their opponents health and will focus their attacks on creatures with the most remaining hit points.

Any creatures killed by a Navoor will be infected by a mutagenic parasite that will transform the dead creature into another Navoor within 24 hours. Navoors act as hosts for the parasite and this is the only way more Navoors can be created.


  1. Regarding the Navoors' "keen sense of their opponents' health"....

    Do they continually change targets as HP drop, toying with victims and whittling down parties gradually? Or do they fixate on the PC with the most HP, to elminate that threat first and foremost, before moving onto the next...?

  2. They pick out the toughest PC or NPC at the start of combat and eliminate that threat first, then they pick out the next toughest. It's not an easy task if one is encountered, but if the party meets a good number of them, say 4-6, all of them are going to attack the same target with the most HP, getting the job done quicker.