Saturday, December 3, 2011

Xhuul Tech: Biomedic Leech

Since there are no Clerics in the Xhuul setting, this poses a problem with access to healing for the badly wounded party. Some mutants do have the ability to heal others, but the ability isn't as common as healing magic is in a standard fantasy game.

To overcome this, one can purchase a Biomedic Leech. This is a vat-grown artificial organism that is 10" long that is kept in a protective container until needed. The Biomedic Leech is placed over a wound, where it secretes a mucus to staunch bleeding. It then analyzes the patient's blood for any diseases or toxins by taking a blood sample. It then creates an appropriate counter-agent or antibiotic and secretes that through a mucus into the wound and thereby filters the patient's system.

The Biomedic Leech can only be used to heal wounds and counter poisons and disease for a limited amount of uses. Since it does act as a filter, it can only work it's biotechnological healing before it too dies and then must be replaced. Since a Biomedic Leech is an artificial organism, it is not affected by spells that would affect living creatures.

The Biomedic Leech must be kept moist and within it's protective container, which provides a cool, moist environment when not in use. Arid, dry conditions will reduce the Leech's amount of charges as this dries out the protective mucus layer on the Leech. Exposure to intense heat or direct flame will immediately destroy it. The Biomedic Leech can come in a variety of sizes that provide more healing charges and the cost scales based on size.

Biomedic Leech
Cost: 10gp per charge
Effects: Cure Light Wounds (1 charge)
Cure Serious Wounds (2 charges)
Remove Poison (2 charges)
Cure Disease (3 charges)