Saturday, January 14, 2012

Adding to the Collection - Pathfinder Battles Minis

I purchased 10 small and 3 large boosters Pathfinder Battles miniatures today at our monthly Hobby Day in Anaheim. A game store from Long Beach named The War House showed up and brought product to sell. Talk about bringing the Mountain to Moses. :)

Below are images of the minis I got.

2 Goblins came in the same Booster, since they are both Small-sized minis.

The Dire Rat and Goblin Warrior came in the same Booster, since they are both Small sized minis.

The Zombie and the Lich. Each in their own Booster as they are Medium-sized.

Orc Warrior and Half-Orc Barbarian.

The most sexiest Medusa ever. And the Half-Elf (female?)Cleric. This mini could double as a Paladin as she is wearing plate armor.

Venomous Snake and Wolf.

Manticore. This being a large mini comes in the Large-size Booster. He looks like he is roaring "Get Off My Lawn!".

Minotaur. Another Large-size mini.

This is an awesome Ettin. Obviously a Large-size mini.

Well, that's it. I'm pretty pleased with the quality of the minis and I got quite a decent mix.


  1. Nice. I was just about to post pictures of the Pathfinder minis I got. Glad to see you got one of the medusa figs. I also got one, and think it may be the best of the lot.

  2. There was another table next to ours at Hobby Day that was also running a Pathfinder game and the DM of that game went over and purchased some PF minis. It got me thinking, that wouldn't it be cool to buy some minis and don't open the box and when you roll for a Random Encounter, you open the box and that is the monster the party must fight (or run away from).

  3. Those figs look great! I especially like the manticore. I dig your surprise random encounter idea. It's perfect!