Thursday, January 26, 2012


I'm now on Google+. I've been thinking about either playing in or running a game using the G+ Hangouts. I'm still reading up on what I need to do to get up and running.

My name there is Greg Johnston (pic of me sitting somewhere outside wearing a cap & sunglasses, goatee, black backpack on with a water bottle in hand.). This was on a hiking trip I took years ago in Sequoia National Park.

Also can email me at brothershinrin at GEE MAYLE dot com. Brother Shinrin was the name of a monk character I played in a 3.5 edition game years ago. He was pretty awesome and was the first monk character I ever played and had fun with. I got him up to 12th Level before the mini-campaign ended.

Feel free to add me to your circles, hopefully I will be playing in a game or hosting one soon.