Sunday, January 15, 2012


Looking over my Xhuul notes, I found that I never made a system for poison. I don't like the C&C poison rules in the Monster & Treasure book and I want something that scales on a 1 to 10 like the Cyggugothic Emanations Intensity Table.

So here goes:

When determining the Intensity of a poison from a venomous creature's bite, poisonous gas, toxic plants, or from alchemical poison, roll 1d100 an consult the table below. Poison can be purchased from unscrupulous sources and the cost can vary.

When exposed to poison, the victim must make a CON Save. The CL is the Intensity of the poison. As per normal C&C rules, if CON is Primary, the base save is 12. If secondary, it is 18. Add the Poison Intensity to this base to arrive at the number to roll. Add character level and Attribute bonuses to the roll.

Poison Intensity Table

1d100    INT     Successful Save     Failed Save
--------     -----     -----------------------     ------------------
01-15      1       None                      1d4 damage
16-30      2       None                      1d6 damage
31-40      3       None                      1d8 damage
41-50      4       None                      1d10 damage
51-65      5      1d4 damage              2d6 damage
66-75      6      2d4 damage              3d6 damage
76-84      7      3d4 damage              4d6 damage
85-90      8      4d6 damage              Death
91-96      9      5d6 damage              Death
97-00      10    6d6 damage              Death

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  1. You could even roll three times, the third roll has to be bigger than the second (unless you want poisons that are more dangerous when the save is made, wich is... a stupid idea, probably). But that way cou could have a relatively weak poison, that's hard to resist anyway, or a hard poison, that's easy to resist, wich sounds good for me.