Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Distracted by Iron Kingdoms

I've been reading up on the Iron Kingdoms setting from Privateer Press. A long while back when 3.0 D&D was in it's heyday, I picked up the module The Witchfire Trilogy: The Longest Night. This was the first of three modules that were to introduce the Iron Kingdoms setting. Privateer Press was even working on an Iron Kingdoms character guidebook to use with the D&D rules for their setting. Then 3.5 was released and that set Privateer Press back some. At some point afterwards, I picked up the book Lock & Load: Iron Kingdoms Character Primer. I flipped through the book and then shelved it in my collection.

Until now.

I pulled these books back out and have been giving them a more detailed read. In my researches online at Privateer Press' website, I discovered that they did publish several books for D&D 3.5, which of course are now out-of-print. I purchased the other two modules in the Witchfire series on Ebay over the weekend and I am awaiting their arrival. In the meantime I purchased the Iron Kingdoms Character Guide, Monsternomicon 1 & 2 and Liber Mechanika PDFs on RPGNow.

It's been an enjoyable read of the background for this setting. I want to use some of this material, but of course with Castles & Crusades. I'm unsure if I would run a game using the Iron Kingdoms straight up or just take what I like and use that in a homebrew setting. The flavor of the Iron Kingdoms wouldn't fit in the world of Xhuul, so I doubt I will mix them together.

So Gamer ADD is striking again. I found a nice vector map of the Iron Kingdoms done in PDF format which I have been playing around with. I might like to get a Iron Kingdoms game going soon on Google+. I just need to figure out the logistics of getting a game up and running using Hangouts.

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  1. The Monsternomicon books are literally two of my three favorite gaming books ever written. Every single monster entry is a mini-adventure waiting to happen (they'd actually work well for a quick hexcrawl setting if you wanted to use them that way.)

    I also don't use the Iron Kingdoms itself--although I find that it's a more "raidable" setting than almost any other that I have read.