Monday, March 5, 2012

Arrived! The Fiend Folio

I got my Fiend Folio today from Ebay. It's in good condition although the pages have a funky earthy smell, like as if it was buried in dirt. I wonder if rubbing a Bounce sheet on the pages will get rid of the smell? I'll have to try it later.

I used to own this book back in the day, but it was tossed for some reason or another. Stupid me.


  1. If I get a particularly smelly book, here is what I do: dryer sheets between the pages, but it in a paper bag with some baking soda...seal it up and wait about five days.

  2. I'll need to get more Bounce sheets, but I will try your tip of adding Baking Soda in a bag and putting the book in it. Thanks.

  3. Funky smell from a moldering old tome? Smells like...Victory ;)
    But seriously, I just ordered a copy of the FF myself. Oddly enough after having lost my original copy as well. In addition to the FF I'm also quite fond of the Basic Edition Creature Catalogue. The CC also has a number odd monsters from those quirky brits.

    Anyway, hope you have fun with your new purchase.