Thursday, March 15, 2012

The OSR is not represented in Orange County

I'm a member of a local D&D Meetup which is not very active, unfortunately. There was a poll posted on February 12th, asking "If you are a DM, What Edition of D&D do you DM?"

Out of 56 members, only 12 have responded.

3 members would prefer to play
9 members prefer to DM.

Out of the 9 DMs, 4 of them DM 3.0/3.5.D&D/Pathfinder, 4 DM 4th Edition and 1 DM's (which is me!)a Retro-clone.

How sad is that?

It would be interesting if the re-release of the AD&D books in April will have an impact on getting new people to play the older versions of the game.


  1. The only DM I know of who's actively in the old-school mode of playing in OC is Cyclo Bob. At the mini-con last year I met some cool people, but it didn't seem like any were local for OC, or at least any who were interested in whitebox-style play. I hit up St. Crispin's a while back, but it was all Pathfinder or WH40K/WHFB tabletop players. Brookhurst Hobbies has a few RPers, but they seem to be into 4e or Vamp.

  2. Yes, I have met Bob from Cyclopeatron at a DCC playtest a year ago. The older versions of the game are so far off most player's radars that when you say "D&D" they picture Pathfinder or 4E.

    I'm playing in a Pathfinder game at St. Crispins Hobby Day currently. As hypocritical as that sounds, if someone were running an old school game, I would play that too.

  3. Same here in LA. I posted a message on Meetup for some old school D&D and there was nothing but crickets. If you post for 4e or Pathfinder, you have to beat players away with a stick.

  4. Come join us at the mini-con in Anaheim this year, 28-29 July.