Friday, April 13, 2012

12 Hours of D&D this Week-end!

Barring a giant meteor strike on Earth, I will be playing in two different D&D games at the monthly Hobby Day in Anaheim tomorrow. From 9am - 3pm I am playing my Elf Ranger in an ongoing Pathfinder game. Then from 3pm - 9pm, I will playing in a 2nd Edition D&D game with pre-gen characters. The DM running the 2nd Edition game emailed us a list of pre-gen characters which are playable on a first come basis. Hopefully, I'll be able to snag the Dwarf Fighter/Thief.

After over a month of no gaming, this 12 hour marathon should satiate my thirst for blood and treasure!

Hope you all have a good week-end of gaming too.

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