Thursday, April 12, 2012

Judge's Guild Hex Maps

I was looking though my copy of Ravenscrag from Judges Guild, specifically the fold-out 17" x 22" maps of the Castle floor plans and the dungeon levels beneath. Strangely, the maps of the castle and dungeons are drawn on a hex grid, but there is no scale listed on the maps. When reading the descriptions of the rooms and the measurements given, they do not correspond to the size of the hexes at all. To accurately gauge the scale of the rooms, one needs a "tenths to the inch" ruler. I have one of these, with a grid marked on it, so in fact each square in the grid corresponds to 4 feet.

Now why did Judges Guild print the maps on their infamous hex map paper? No idea. The hexes are useless for game purposes. But that's okay though, as the real treasure is that one of the sides of those hex maps is a blank numbered hex map!! It's not in the sepia/brown tone, but it's good enough. I'm going to investigate how much it would cost to print a few of these out at the local Fed Ex/Kinkos.


  1. My guess is economics. They weren't selling blank hexmaps as fast as they'd hoped so JG repurposed them.

  2. You can get the PDF of the 17x22 hex maps from the JG website. My local office depot charged me about $1.50 each to print them up.