Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Dungeons vs. Planned Dungeons

I suck at drawing maps and dungeons.  Fortunately, there are plenty of resources out there for random dungeons.  My current project is using the geomorphs from Dave's Mapper to generate the dungeon levels which are 300' x 300'.  I then tweak the maps, key them and add any symbols such as stairs and traps using Photoshop.  I then use the random stocking tables from the AD&D DMG, then import the map to a One Page Dungeon template and then type in the room details such monsters, treasures etc.,

I like the random method, because if I can suffer from mental paralysis trying to plan out a dungeon to make it "make sense".  The random method can create it's own little stories.  For example I have one room where there are 8 Volts (Fiend Folio) and an adjacent room of 6 Troglodytes with a treasure in a small 10' x20' room.  What I have determined here is that the Trogs are a scoting party that got suprised by the Volts who killed several of their party and have them trapped in that room.  I have added to the room description the bodies of several dead troglodytes.  The Volts are trying to get into the room to eat the them and so will be automatically suprised if the PC's enter them room.  If the PCs deal with the Volts, the Trogs will negotiate with the PCs a peaceful exit in exchange for the treasure they found while trapped.

There is one Level where I rolled way above average for the amount of empty rooms.  I later rolled a Gelatinous Cube on that level.  So, now there is a logical reason for the emptiness of the level.  The Cube ate mostly everyone there!.  I'll have to make note of clear slime trails throughout the level as a clue.

The one thing I did plan though was the placement of several privys throughout all the levels.  Whoever built and lived in the dungeon way back when needed to relieve themselves somewhere, so I made most of all the 10' x 10' rooms the latrines.  I'll have to make sure to place an Otyugh in one of them.

Further Dungeon Stocking Tips

I found this blog with an interesting post on Dungeon Stocking.  For some reason Blogger won't let me add the blog to my bloglist.  The blog has some nice maps too.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Dungeon Stocking Questions

I've been busy stocking levels of a dungeon.  Now that I have my reprint of the AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide, I've been using it to fill in my levels.  Going through the process has been fun and interesting and has brought a few questions to mind.

When using Table V. F: Chamber or Room Contents on page 171 of the DMG, the result of 15-17 says "Monster & Treasure (see Table V.G. below)".

Does this result mean that the monster is in it's lair?  And if so, shouldn't I be determining treasure using the monster's Treasure Type (instead of Table V. G.)?  And what if the monster in question has a Treasure Type of "nil"??  Why is there treasure?  Did the monster just happen to wander into the room shortly before the PC's showed up?

Does the definition of Lair and the associated Treasure Type equate to the minimum number of monster encountered according to the Monster Manual?

For example, Goblins have Treasure Type K for individuals, and C for lair.  If a room on the 1st Level of a dungeon has 6-15 goblins (according to the Random Monster Table in the Fiend Folio), is this room considered their lair?  And should I refer to the Treasure Type for the potential (however small) of this band having the maximum of 12,000cp, 6,000sp, 4,000ep, 6 gems, 3 pieces of jewelry and 2 magic items?  Or should there be at least 40 goblins to classify the room as a lair with this much treasure?  And if that is the case, why bother with % in Lair??

Friday, July 6, 2012

[Monster] Mire Turtle


HD: 5 (d8)
MOVE: 60 ft (ground), 30' Swim
AC: 13
ATTACKS: 1 bite (1d8), 2 arm barbs (1d6), 1 tail whip (1d6)
ALIGN: Neutral
XP:120 +5/hp

Mire Turtles are a predatory reptile that dwells in swamps and marshes.  It is the size of a large grizzly bear in bulk.  It has a turtle-like armored shell that is a deep mottled green color.  The skin of the Mire Turtle is a yellow color.  It's eyes are atop long stalks that it can rotate around to give it 360 degree field of vision.  The front legs have two sharp bony barbs that it can use to slash prey.  It has a large turtle-like mouth that if uses to bite prey.  It's powerful whip-like tail can also be used as a weapon.
The Mire Turtle usually lies beneath the murky waters of a swamp, among reeds or surface algae to help conceal itself.  It's eyes are extended just above the surface looking for prey.  The main motivation of this creature is not solely for food however, for it also attacks prey in order to subdue it in order to implant an egg as a means of procreating.  When a target is helpless and/or  unconscious, the Mire Turtle will disgorge an gelatin-like egg from it's mouth through a tube-like appendage that penetrates deep into any orifice that will suffice as an incubation chamber.

The egg will hatch in 2-4 weeks, instantly killing the victim.  A Remove Disease spell will successfully neutralize the egg if cast within 1 week of implantation, otherwise it will have no effect.

Encounters with Mire Turtles will usually be in or very near their lair.  It will be littered with the corpses of their prey that they have killed for food and as such their possessions will be still on them or nearby.  The victims of their attacks that they use for "mating" are left alone and alive so that they may become the living hosts for their young.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

[NSFW] The Art of Gojin Ishihara

I stumbled across these images from a Japanese artist named Gojin Ishihara.  He has illustrated several books (some from children's books!!!) which some of these images are from.  They are very macabre and would be right at home in the LotFP Grindhouse Edition rulebook.

The Hell of Repetition

Seems like the Hell of Cannibalism to me.

The Cat Monster

The Burning Hell.
Yep, the proverbial Hell of Being Skinned Alive! I say the next time you run Tomb of Horrors for newbs, have the Green Devil Face spit them out like those poor new arrivals in the background.

The Whore Spider.
Inspiration for Lolth perhaps?


Ceiling Dweller

This is awesome.  Neanderthals fighting Masked Luchadors!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

[Monster] Nagon


HD: 6 (d8)
MOVE: 40 ft
AC: 14
ATTACKS: 2 hoofs (1d8), 1 bite (1d8)
SPECIAL: Poison bite, Darkvision, +1 or better weapon to hit, Spell Immunity
INT: Low
ALIGN:Chaotic Evil
TYPE:Magical Beast
XP:480 +6/hp
The Nagon appears to have the body of a horse, but the neck and head is scaly and reptilian in nature of a humanoid with one large eye.  It has two large pointed ears and a small horn on it's forehead.  It has a tail with is similar to a cow's.
It attacks by rearing up on it's hind legs kicking with it's two front legs.  It also attacks with a bite from its mouth of sharp venomous teeth.  The sharp teeth do 1d8 damage on a successful attack and the victim will then need to make a successful Save vs CON or take poison damage.
The Nagon is not affected by attacks from non-magical weapons and requires a +1 or better magical weapon to do damage to it. 
It is believed by some scholars that this monster is some creation between a Naga and a Gorgon, hence it's name.
Poison Bite:  Make a save vs CON or be subject to Type 3 poison attack (per C&C rules for Venomous snakes).
Darkvision:  The Nagon can see perfectly in complete darkness up to 60'

Spell Immunity: This monster is immune to all spells, except for the 6th Level Cleric spell Blade Barrier and the 2nd Level Magic-User spell Web.

Quick Sketch of the Anttin

I used to draw quite a bit in my younger days but it was still amateurish stuff.  Nonetheless, I took time to make a sketch of the Anttin monster that I posted a couple days back, as I like to put pictures to the stats.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Epic Level Combat

Jump ahead to the 5:00 mark to skip the boring melodrama.

When I think of Epic Level D&D characters fighting it out, this movie captures the over-the-top image in my mind. Those wacky Japanese...

I remember watching old Kamen Rider and Kikaider TV shows on a local japanese station in Hawaii when I lived there. I've been thinking about those old shows recently and did a little bit of research. It seems that Kamen Rider has been going strong for many years now, but through an expanded universe of Kamen Rider characters from many different series.

Apparently this movie is a mega assembly of all the Kamen Rider character vs. the might of the terrorist group called Shocker.

This is true inspirational gold right here!! And ripe to be used in gaming in some manner.