Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Epic Level Combat

Jump ahead to the 5:00 mark to skip the boring melodrama.

When I think of Epic Level D&D characters fighting it out, this movie captures the over-the-top image in my mind. Those wacky Japanese...

I remember watching old Kamen Rider and Kikaider TV shows on a local japanese station in Hawaii when I lived there. I've been thinking about those old shows recently and did a little bit of research. It seems that Kamen Rider has been going strong for many years now, but through an expanded universe of Kamen Rider characters from many different series.

Apparently this movie is a mega assembly of all the Kamen Rider character vs. the might of the terrorist group called Shocker.

This is true inspirational gold right here!! And ripe to be used in gaming in some manner.

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